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Portable hydraulic lifting you can take anywhere

A portable self-contained Pow’R-Lock hydraulic jacking system rated for lifts up to 181 metric tonnes has been released by Enerpac. It features full-time automatic load holding protection for optimum safety in operation.
The portable lifting system with full-time locking capability is purpose-built to provide safe and secure lifting for heavy off-highway machinery including trucks, tractors, civil engineering machinery and implements.
It accomplishes its load-holding protection by using a control system that maintains the position of a rotating locking collar near the cylinder base, providing a mechanical lock regardless of cylinder movement and control cycle.
The system integrates into a rugged mobile cart with a high capacity and compact 700 bar (10,000 psi) hydraulic cylinder and an air-driven hydraulic pump unit with complete valving and control systems.
The units, the two versions of which feature strokes of 356 and 622mm (14 and 24.5in), are ideal for companies where time and safety are paramount.
Pow’R-Lock provides safe, efficient, mobile lifting and load-holding for the toughest applications, backed by Enerpac’s extensive product support.
This support includes national and worldwide networks of local distributors and authorized service centres as well as regional customer and technical service centres.
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How to make storing chemicals and oils easier

Storing drums and 1000ltr IBCs of oil, chemical and other liquids outside has always been a bit of a challenge.
With robust containment required, these big units need the correct level of bunding installed beneath them, and this challenge inevitably begs the questions: how can that be achieved without spending a fortune? 
Now, there is a simple, fast and economical answer – the Controlco drum & IBC roll-top hardcovers.
The corrosion-resistant, weather-tight design keeps drums and IBCs safe and secure. Lockable doors and roll-top covers open from both sides of these units and slide out of the way for quick access to pumps or funnels.
The covers features two-way forklift entry, leaks and spills are contained in the pallet making the cover invaluable when complying with stormwater pollution plans when used outside.
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Scrubber is tough on dirt

Tennant’s new T17 battery-powered, ride-on scrubber is designed to tackle the harshest industrial environments while reducing the cost to clean and providing a safe operating facility for employees and customers.
The optimal scrubber for increased runtime and productivity, and available with the largest battery capacity in its class, the T17 offers continuous cleaning for up to eight hours on a single charge. 
Combined with the optional side brush, the T17’s scrub path is increased by 30 percent and allows for improved edge to edge cleaning. 
Engineered for durability, the T17 is also equipped with a wrap around steel bumper, cushioned stacked rollers and optional squeegee protection to ensure your investment is protected from unintentional impacts. 
The maintenance-free scrub brush and propel motor technology further eliminates maintenance costs associated with traditional scrub motors.
With more power available to the propel system, the brushes are less stressed during operation, last longer and deliver consistent cleaning results. 
The T17 is designed to overcome the cleaning challenges faced in industrial facilities while maintaining a safe operating environment. Contact Tennant New Zealand for a free onsite demonstration.
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Students get more time to learn

Southern Institute and Technology (SIT) recently installed a new Egmont Air dust extraction system to compliment their high-profile joinery workshop facility.

SIT offers a new Joinery training facility that many believe is the best in the country. The large well appointed machine-shop houses high quality, modern industrial machinery required to manufacture kitchens, furniture, doors, windows, stairs and cabinetry.

Students manufacture full-size, quality, practical projects throughout the duration of the program and have the opportunity to use a wide range of traditional and advanced computer controlled machinery. A greater emphasis on including the latest technology in the workshop makes for a real-life situation and experience.

Having experienced numerous performance issues with a previous extract system, SIT engaged Egmont Air to provide a full on-site evaluation, testing and analysis of their dust extraction system and design a new system that would suit the needs of a modern workshop.

Todd Prestidge from Egmont Air says: “We quickly identified that the primary issue was created by the existing extractor unit. The filters were clogging quickly, sometimes within days, creating excessive back-pressure and poor suction at the machines.”

Of course this had a knock-on affect, dust levels in the workshop areas were excessive where health and safety was a priority for Southern Institute and Technology. A lot of time was spent cleaning up rather than working on projects.

“It is critical that the design of a dust extraction system is balanced,” says Prestidge. “The filter, fan and ducting are all inter-related and must be sized correctly to provide on-going reliable performance.”

High-performance computer machinery such as CNC routers, speed-sanders, dimensioning saws etc, require extra-high levels of extraction to cope with fast cutting speeds, angular cutting angles, and a combination of fine particle board dusts.

The design of any dust extraction starts with the machinery. Each machine must be separately evaluated based on hood design, capture velocity, hours of use, dust volume created to specify the airflow and suction that will successfully capture the dust before it reaches the operators breathing zone or spread throughout the workshop.

As each machine is connected to the centralised ducting system, the main duct grows in diameter allowing full capacity of the extraction system to be shared and balanced between machines. A small discrepancy in ducting size can cause a large compromise in extraction if this fundamental design principle is ignored.

Egmont Air re-designed the system from scratch, while much of the existing ductwork was re-used; some critical parts were up-sized to allow proper conveying velocities and airflow distribution.

New Egmont high-efficiency fans were specified and installed to provide optimum suction levels. Each workshop area was fitted with its own fan unit and non-return valve, operating independently, so that any area could function without respect of the other. Both fans were ducted into a single Egmont Modular Filter to provide central collection of dusts.

The Egmont Modular Filter system is fitted with high filter-surface area, automatic cleaning, decantation chamber and rotary-valve for discharging high volume of dust.

Russell Finlay, programme operations manager at Southern Institute and Technology, comments how happy he is with the design of the new Egmont Air system, “its performance is exactly what we had hoped it would be, the tutors are happy and I am relieved.”

“Egmont’s extract system made an incredible reduction in airborne dust in the workshop environment,” says Finlay. “We took before and after video recordings of the dust clouds on the previous system and when compared to Egmont Airs new system the difference is dramatic.”

The Egmont Air offer a huge range of duct and flex, fans, filter and cyclones for wood-working applications and provide solutions for many timber processors, kitchen makers & joinery shops.

Egmont Air’s experience and expertise prove popular for diagnosing issues on existing dust extraction plants.

Egmont Air provides a free consultation and professional advice for any dust or fume extraction issue. Contact Egmont Air on 0800 781 200 or +64 6278 1200 or visit their website: for more information and a free catalogue.





Pneutech’s reliable oil-free compressor

Industrial Air Systems’ range of Pneutech RSCRDV oil-free series rotary screw compressors bring the highest and most reliable source of food-safe compressed air to the to the industry.

Ranging in sizes up ton 250Kw, including VSD models, the  Pneutech RSCRD range of oil-free compressors can be relied on to deliver a consistent flow of high quality, clean and economical Class-0 compressed air.

The Pneutech RSCRD-V series industrial rotary screw compressors are designed for heavy duty and demanding applications. This industrial rated oil-free compressor features a direct driven transmission, driving a world-renowned two-stage air-end, and spinning at low RPMs.

The low operating temperatures, low wear, and consequently low service requirements, results in minimal maintenance costs, over the lifetime of the machine. With a 100 per cent duty cycle, the Pneutech RSCRD oil free series compressors, promise high performance, long life and solid reliability, which makes them ideally suited to so many 24/7 production situations in the oil-free industry.

The state-of-art German-machined and coated rotors lead to a high oil free air delivery and lower energy costs when compared with many other compressor models. The rotor casings feature generously-sized liquid cooling passages for even heat dissipation, enabling closer tolerances to be used for high compression efficiency. Non-contact, non-wearing labyrinth seals prevent bearing lubricant entering the compressor chamber.

The Pneutech RSCRD-V variable speed series rotary screw compressors offer substantial energy savings with the ability to supply a varying compressed air volume to suit the work demand. With today's increasing cost of electricity, the RSCRD-V compressors bring up to 40 per cent savings in power usage over the conventional single speed screw models.

The significant additional benefit of the directly coupled motor/air end configuration, leads to further energy savings with efficient direct transmission, low rotation speed and low heat generation.

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Keys to smooth operation – listening and planning

A big part of ensuring the smooth operation of a new project is clear communication between client and provider. Aurora receives excellent reviews from its clients who say they listen to client needs and maintain regular contact throughout the project and post-installation.
Geoff Hadwin, general manager at Cresta Mushrooms has first-hand experience as Aurora supplied and installed a metal detector for their production plant.
“Aurora listened to what we wanted and sourced the machine we needed. They then programmed it to what we wanted and installed it,” says Geoff.
“It was a complicated thing they were having to do, but they were good, and they were always very pleasant to deal with. And once the machine arrived their communication level was great.”
Every load of mushrooms now goes through the new metal detector to ensure no metal contaminant is passed on to the consumer, and its main benefit is that it saves a lot of product.
Cresta Mushrooms didn’t consider going with any other supplier when Aurora was recommended to them, and Aurora delivered on their high expectations.
“We were happy with their product, price and service, and with their performance,” says Geoff.
The Aurora quality assurance team specialises in foreign matter control and product inspection. Our German made metal detectors and checkweighers are known globally as the cutting edge in quality and technology along with the revolutionary FORCE10 magnetic separators.
The metal detection equipment is supplied to many industries globally, to ensure compliance with the numerous standards and best practice guidelines necessary to produce world-class product. With robust food grade manufacture, simple operation and intelligent technology, these units ensure a simple solution for a large variety of applications.
With our range of check-weighing, metal detection, magnetic separation, X-ray and metal detectable products, Aurora provides the complete product security package to protect you and your company, enabling you to add significant value to the quality of your products and brands.
Visit our stand #3078 at the Foodtech Packtech Exhibition, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland from 23 to 25, September 2014. Aurora will have on display a range of our Force10 Magnetic Separators and quality assurance equipment.
Our team of consultants and engineers will partner with you to provide a complete solution for your particular application to increase your product quality, brand integrity, peace of mind, and set your company ahead in its field.
Contact Aurora today for all your quality assurance requirements.
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Traffic management is critical

Traffic management involves a systemised approach to analysing and controlling the traffic movements in and around a production or warehousing facility. Every facility should have comprehensive traffic management plan.
When you have trucks, fork lifts and other heavy machinery on site it will inevitably create the hazard of mixed traffic. This needs to be isolated, controlled or eliminated to ensure people’s safety at work.
Pedestrian traffic must be managed wherever there are vehicle movements in a work place – it only takes a single moment of inattention for a serious or even fatal accident to occur.
Designated pedestrian walkways, using the certified Tru-Gard barrier system, are an effective solution to ensure employees and visitors don’t stray into danger zones.
Doorways to warehouses, factories and loading bays are also areas that can be overlooked when it comes to safe traffic management. Ideally doorways should not have mixed traffic types and it is recommended that traffic flow is restricted to one direction.
Implementing traffic management systems not only reduces the health and safety risks on your site but it can also help with streamlining your entire production or warehousing facility. Standardisation across multiple sites also reduces the risks associated when employees move between sites.
Talk to us today about how we can help you reduce the health and safety risks that you are faced with in your workplace.
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Digital valve controllers

Emerson Process Management has introduced the Fisher Fieldvue DVC6200p series of digital valve controllers.
The DVC6200p series is an ideal solution for applications in which accessibility, extreme temperatures (up to 120°C/250°F), extreme vibration or confined space make integral mounting difficult or impractical.
Industries such as pulp and paper, and metal and mining have typically preferred to isolate valve-mounted instruments from harsh environments. With the remote mount version of DVC6200p, only the valve position feedback is mounted on the control valve, while the remainder of the digital valve controller can be mounted more than 90m away in a less severe or more accessible environment.
The remote valve mounted feedback unit uses the patented Fieldvue linkage-less, non-contact feedback technology in which physical contact has been eliminated between the valve stem and the instrument. With no linkage to wear, loosen, corrode or vibrate, the feedback unit can withstand a plant’s operating extremes.
With over one and half million units installed worldwide, Fieldvue digital valve controllers prove highly suited to difficult process environments where they provide unmatched valve operation. 
Using the best of Profibus PA, the DVC6200p series provides a wealth of alerts, trends, and diagnostics to allow for visibility and control, The DVC6200p supports enhanced device description (EDD) files that allow for quick and easy configuration.
The Fieldvue DVC6200p digital valve controller is certified to Profile 3.02 for Profibus PA devices by the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation a.V (PNO).
The DVC6200p is offered with CSA, IECEx, ATEX and FM hazardous area approvals as well as other certifications/approvals. It is also listed in the Lloyd’s Register for industrial, marine and offshore use.
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High Speed Pneumatic Multipliers

Hytools NZ Ltd has a new range of Air Torque Multipliers with a speed advantage to the twin motor handle coupled with new gearbox designs deliver an ideal balance between robustness, speed and weight.

Where clients need a higher run down speed but also controlled torque up this tool does both. Industries to benefit from the TLSM range are Oil & Gas, Mining, Transport, Steel Construction and Manufacturing.

  • Fast run down speed
  • Quiet less than 85 db
  • Non Impacting
  • Square Drive is quickly and easily replaceable
  • Bi-Directional
  • Soft Start Trigger
  • For safety gearbox can rotate independently so reaction forces are not transmitted to operator

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Chemshed keeps chemicals safe

The days of leaving chemicals and other hazardous materials on a shelf or in a locked cupboard in your business, workshop or garage are over. 
From panel beating to farming, manufacturing to maintenance, the regulations around the storage of flammable and corrosive liquids are causing industry across the country to take a fresh look at the way these products are stored.
Common sense and best practice tells us we should store these chemicals in approved safety cabinets, where they are isolated from other incompatible substances, protected from misuse and contained in the event of a spill incident.
That’s where the Chemshed cabinets come in. Successfully combining compliance and practicality, their unique design provides the user with a unit that is the most secure, sound and approved solution on the market today. Packed with features like double skinned walls, 150mm sumps, galvanised shelving and sequentially closing doors, these cabinets very quickly turn that storage nightmare into a crisp, efficient and safe work zone.
Civilquip is the national importer of Chemshed, and with distributors right across the country, there’s bound to be a supplier not too far away. 
Contact Civilquip on 0800 688 844 for your nearest dealer or find us online at