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Better air source solution for high demand applications

Air treatment units (also called air preparation units) don’t do the job directly like pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves, however, they play a very important role. They pre-treat the air source from compressors, which is influential in how long the pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valves can continue working, including the air filter, air regulator and air lubricator. 

To meet industry field applications, E.MC provides multiple designs for FRL, providing very dependable and stable quality for over 20 years. The range includes a series for environment protective FRL, economic FRL and Compact FRL, with space-saving technology of the gauge integrated inside the body. The range includes pressure switches, auto-drains and high-precision regulators, all designed and tested for high-pressure environments. 

The new E/EI series FRL has all the features gathered from the E.MC development, testing and body design, providing top technology in the FRL Field. 





Trapped Key interlocks from Active Safety

Castell’s Trapped Key Interlocks allow for in excess of 50,000 combinations. With this level of available codes, entire factories and plants can have trapped key systems without codes being repeated.

The steps towards creating a trapped key solution with access by personnel would require an application for either part body of full body. This is just one example of many types of solutions.

1. Isolation: Releasing a key from the disconnector when it is in the open position thus isolating the disconnector.
2. Key Exchange: If necessary this key can be inserted into a key exchange box to release multiple keys.
3. Access Control:
   a. Part Body; has only one lock and the isolation key is used to open this. Whilst the access lock is open the key cannot be removed and therefore the process cannot be started. Only once the lock is closed can the isolation key be removed and the process restarted.
   b. Full Body; has two locking mechanisms, the first step in the process is to insert the isolation key. This will allow the personnel key to be removed and then access can be granted by opening the bolt. The isolation key can only be removed once the personnel key has been inserted. Therefore whilst the personnel key is removed and the lock is open the process cannot be started. Only once the lock is closed and the personnel key returned, can the isolation key be removed and the process restarted.

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Increase uptime and profits with a lubrication reliability programme



Switching to high-performance lubricants can save you time, energy and money. LE manufactures a full line of industrial oils and greases that are formulated for the targeted application – using highly refined or synthetic base oils blended with proprietary additives. LE lubricants last longer, protect valuable assets and deliver value far greater then obtained from other products for the same application. This means less equipment failure, extended lubricant service intervals and less PM activity, all of which adds up to more uptime and profits for you. 

Reliability – 5S 
Much more than a lubricant supplier, LE is a one-stop shop offering lubrication reliability solutions. LE can help you with a customised programme including oil analysis, desiccant breathers, sight glasses, filtration carts, lubricant storage and more – whatever you need to keep your lubricants clean, dry and organised. Less contamination means more reliability. 

Support and service
Last but not least, LE’s trained and certified consultants are onsite with you to educate, plan and assist. Give Lubrication Engineers a call today to begin your lubrication reliability journey. For full product information please visit 

The FORCE10 range

Aurora proudly provides the FORCE10 range of high-performance magnetic separation systems to a large range of industry with niche capability in the food and diary sectors.

Effective measures to prevent contamination of product is a major concern for food manufacturers. Not only do contamination events require production line stoppages and incur significant costs, they also involve vast amounts of resource to regain consumer trust and rebuild a shattered brand image.

Foreign matter is an ever-increasing priority in the process industry, with an increasingly savvy consumer and rapidly growing demand for guaranteed product integrity. With this progressively tighter tolerance for foreign matter, metal detection and X-ray equipment is not a dependable sole final solution. Integrating the FORCE10 range of magnets into process lines to work hand-in-hand with inspection equipment is rapidly becoming the preferred and trusted solution for leading consumer brands.

The FORCE10 team of specialist magnet technicians are renown in the industry for their uncompromising commitment to high quality and performance along with their extensive technical knowledge in this field. The team works with a range of global food and dairy brands to ensure the FORCE10 magnets are the highest performing, versatile, practical, and safe separators available on the market. We have proven results in both wet and dry product applications across a range of industries in many countries ranging from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China, Brazil and beyond.

The Force10 range includes separators for products ranging from powder, granular, liquid, viscous, and fragile across a range of process conditions including pneumatic transfer, gravity, high-pressure, high-temperature, high volume/bulk, ultra-hygienic and more!
Our team provides close support from initial scoping and design through to project management, commissioning and ongoing validation/certification services.

We are proud to have HACCP International endorsement of several FORCE10 products and our magnet validation service.

Contact Aurora today for all your process equipment requirements, Aurora has the solution.
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The new SKF HYDRAULIC SEAL product range

Seal House is proud to introduce the new SKF Hydraulic Seal product line, and is now the official distributor of the range in New Zealand. The move significantly strengthens the relationship between the two companies, building on an association that stretches back for more than 20 years of the company’s 30-year history.

Seal House is a knowledge based company offering service and solutions to industry, something SKF also pride themselves on. The knowledge pool between the two organisations offer the New Zealand market a sealing solution information source.

The Hydraulic Seal range is available for both metric and imperial applications and, being based on a combination of quality products within the SKF family, offers a high quality sealing package to the all manner of industry from food processing, mining, steel production, dairy or anything in between.

This affiliation, follows on the heels of another innovative move in January 2014, with the Seal House purchase of an SKF Economos SealJet NG 060 CNC lathe. Acquiring the NG 060, the only machine of its kind in the country, that can produce seals up to 600mm
diameter, makes Seal House an all-in-one seals factory and substantially enhances the company’s capabilities, says general manager Matt Cook.

“The NG-060 is state-of-the-art technology with a disc turret to position tools automatically. It has a raw material to finished product turnaround of only an hour – and in many cases much less – and uses all modern sealing materials, including rubbers, urethanes and plastics. The NG-060 provides a complete production unit consisting of a CNC machine driven by software that offers up to 169 standard seal profiles that can be customized to suit individual application needs.”

The Seal House association with SKF is a thriving relationship that sees the company as the approved and sole partner to SKF NZ for machined seal technology and hydraulic seals in New Zealand. And Seal House is committed to that relationship, says Cook, and to being a long term key player in the New Zealand sealing industry, “Our level of experience and accumulated product knowledge is hard to find; many of our employees have been with the company for twenty years or more. We strive to foster a culture of excellence and I believe we are successful in this respect. We also have a strong focus on quality and flexibility. All this, combined with our solid
history means our customers know they can trust us to provide a seal that is right for the job.

“Our seals are made from top quality materials, sourced from around the world, including the United States, Canada and Europe. Another major point of difference is our capability to custom manufacture seals, either as a one off solution or in multiple runs. We manufacture a comprehensive range of seals and catalogue more than 19,000 finished seals and related sealing products for light
and heavy industry applications across New Zealand.”

The stock product line includes backup rings; custom seals; gaskets; door seals; moulded products; mechanical seals; seal kits; O-rings; packing; hydraulic seals; plastics; extruded products; rotary seals; and adhesives and sealants. Seal House are based with a Warehouse, Showroom and Production facility in East Tamaki, Auckland and a Warehouse and Trade Counter in Wigram  Christchurch.

These two strategically placed sites, along with Sales Engineers covering Northland to the Bluff service New Zealand without compromise.

To watch the Economos SealJet™ NG060 in action, visit


Walk safe with modular belting

In order to keep up with the increasing demands for safety in the workplace, Viking Conveyor now stocks uni chains latest step towards increasing safety levels in the corrugated industry – the uni JCB Modular Belt System.

Factory floors and other places where plant personnel walk must be safe. This includes moving conveyor belts, which corrugated plant personnel walk on regularly during the course of their day-to-day activities. This poses risk that is above the average threshold, so extra care must be taken to ensure protective measures leave nothing to chance.

Uni JCB was very carefully developed – it started by experiencing corrugated plant personnel walking on moving modular conveyor belts in their day-to-day activities to the end result – a belt with the latest safety top surface Y profile tread pattern, that offers reliable surface grip for workers walking across the belt, accompanied by high-visibility belt edges which identify movement zone edges and chamfered belt edges which minimise trip risks.

Belt Features:
• High belt stiffness and strength, lower belt sag at high loads.
• Long sections of conveyor possible, reduces the number of drive motors and saves on power costs.
• Profiled link base for smoother in-line product transfers.
• Unique pin-locking system for ease of belt installation
• Enables fully automatic transporting of corrugated stacks.
• Eliminates use of slip sheets for most corrugated products.
• No contact pressure damage to lower corrugated sheets.
• Clean hygienic contact surfaces, no dirt marking of sheets.
• Low maintenance costs due to almost zero maintenance requirements.
• Long belt lifetimes, economical and safe transport solution.

Uni JCB is a solution that puts safety first without compromising the performance of the plant. To see how uni JCB can be utilised for the benefit of your workers and plant, contact Viking Conveyor on 0800 845 464 or visit our website Our extensive technical and industry knowledge and experience will ensure you receive the best possible support.

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Delta Valves & Controls – New Sole Agents for De Zurik Valves USA in NZ

Delta Valves and Controls are pleased to announce being appointed the sole agency for De Zurik Valves USA within New Zealand. This new product range will enable expansion for the company into water and waste treatment projects, there is also opportunity for pulp and paper / power generation, mining, geothermal and process applications too.

With over 250 years of combined history, DeZurik, APCO, Hilton and Willamette are recognised worldwide for high-quality products, superior performance and innovation. From the introduction of the Eccentric Plug Valve in 1928 to the newest innovations in Knife Gate Valves, AWWA Butterfly Valves, V-Port Ball Valves, Check Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves, Air vents and check valves they remain at the forefront of technology and provide effective solutions for their customers.

DeZurik has a strong history and reputation worldwide as a quality supplier to the market and says it looks forward to the new opportunities the appointment will bring it as well as the ability to expand the existing installed product base that is in New Zealand.
Delta Valves and Controls Limited has been at the forefront of the Valve and Control industry for over 30 years, a heritage that has resulted in Delta products being recommended by Consultants and used in most manufacturing and production facilities throughout New Zealand; oil and gas, chemical, pulp and paper, dairy, food, steel, power, textiles, hospitals, timber treatment and geothermal plus many more fields and applications.

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Crowcon Gas-Pro

Crowcon Gas-Pro is a confined space entry monitoring solution for workers and fleet managers, and is now available with Infra-Red sensor technology. Offering detection of up to five gases in a compact and rugged solution, Gas-Pro has an easy-to-read top mount display combining ease of use and user focused features.

An optional internal pump, activated with the flow plate, takes the pain out of pre-entry testing and allows Gas-Pro to be worn either in pumped or diffusion modes.

NEW! Gas-Pro IR detects potentially explosive gases in conditions where a pellistor-based catalytic sensor may struggle, especially in a low oxygen environment. The infrared measurement gives improved reliability. With little chance of being poisoned, the Gas-Pro IR is inherently safer and saves the need for replacement when used in likely contaminated environments. Key features include:

  • Top mount display – makes it easy to read at a glance.
  • Simple single button operation – reduces training time.
  • Intuitive functionality – can be used whilst wearing gloves.
  • Pumped and diffusion solutions.
  • Reliable lithium-ion battery – provides over 14 hours use from a 7.5 hour charge.
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP67 – capable of withstanding harsh environments.

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Klee Blowers catalogues available to download

Klee Blowers from Compair Technologies Ltd are equipped with the high efficiency IP54 induction motor with a specially designed muffler ensuring quiet operation throughout the range. Klee Blowers are manufactured to high standards providing quality products with a long service life and easy installation for either horizontal or vertical use. All Klee Blowers have Class F motor insulation with long life bearing grease, inlet and outlet silencers.

The units have a range of applications from vacuum to convey powders, dust or granules to paper conveying and pressures applications from simple agitation to water treatment plants. The range of Side channel and Turbo Blowers are available in New Zealand for O.E.M’s and End Users alike.

Full Catalogues in print or in PDF are available.





Taupo Hydraulic Service trailer – a new level of 24/7 service

Hyspecs is proud to announce the recent addition of The Mobile Hydraulic Service Centre – aka The Service Trailer.

Ross McConnon of Hyspecs Taupo has worked in the hydraulics industry for many years. During his time working for Hyspecs in Taupo he found that customers rely heavily on their hydraulic equipment working efficiently. Hydraulic equipment needs regular maintenance and specialised equipment and skills to keep them working. When a piece of equipment fails, often the only solution is to take that piece of equipment away to a specialist workshop for repairs. Ross wanted to reduce the downtime for his customers. Ross’s solution was the Mobile Hydraulic Service Centre.  Hyspecs purchased a trailer, and the Hyspecs Christchurch service team set out to convert this trailer into a workshop. Johan from Hyspecs Taupo then took over with Ross to put in a hydraulic test bench, a hose press, welder, compressor, hydraulic press and parts storage. This trailer obviously cannot have everything but will be able to help in a number of situations.

The trailer has already been of great use attending a tractor in a field where formally this would have been a mission to fix. The tractor would need to have been driven to the workshop or put on the back of a truck taking the tractor away from work for around two days. Instead Hypsecs brought the Service Trailer to the tractor, fixed the hydraulics problems on-site and half a day later the tractor was back into action. Ross McConnon says that this trailer is a huge asset to his branch and already has bookings.

If you would like to talk to Ross about servicing on-site, call 027 455 5919.