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Jacket has cooling effect

Are you looking to replace gear drives because the current one gets too hot?

It’s worth considering the ABI stainless steel gear drive options that can have a water cooling jacket fitted before installation.
The water jacket is a stainless outer layer that has cool water circulating. It ensures that the gear drive never overheads but also provides safety peace of mind with the gear drive cooler to touch.

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World’s lightest OLED see-through smartglasses

Epson has launched the third generation of its Moverio smartglasses for Augmented Reality. Available in New Zealand later this year, the Moverio BT-300 features Epson’s
own cutting-edge siliconbased OLED (organic light emitting diode) digital display technology, enabling the device to be the lightest see-through binocular smartglasses on the
market, and setting the new standard for augmented reality smart eyewear. The Moverio BT- 300 is approximately 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, the BT-200.

Epson’s focus on a wide range of commercial and other applications including the potential for using the BT-300 to help fly drones distinguishes the Moverio range from other
smartglasses on the market. The previous BT-200 model is already in wide use in some of Australia’s top education and research organisations including the CSIRO, the University of Western Sydney, Griffith University, Monash University’s Immersive Visualisation Platform and CAVE2 and Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology.

Developed with function at the forefront, the range has proved popular with business customers and independent software vendors (ISVs). Built with a quad core Intel Atom
processor and Android OS 5.1, the BT-300 has significantly increased power to enable it to process 3D heavy content, and maintains up to six hours of battery life. Seeing
and making sense of the user’s environment through a 5-mega-pixel front-facing HD camera and other sensors, the smartglasses render content based on what is seen. As
on previous models, and cautious of privacy standards, the device features an LED to indicate when the camera is recording.

In last month’s magazine the new Crucial BX200 solid state drive was featured. I have been trying a unit out for myself these past couple of months and I have to say I have been impressed. Although those of you with your state-of-the-art tablets will groan, I still have my netbook. It is tough; it has been all over the world in jungles in high humidity, on beaches in hot sunlight and in the cold and snow up the Matterhorn. It does what I want and I know its foibles so I don’t want to part with it. Like me, it was getting older and slower but the BX200 seems to have fixed all that. It even survived getting snatched up at the last minute, stuffed into my back pocket and sat on (and, sadly, I do have an ample butt). All in all, a good solution to extending the life of my netbook.

Try out the new WDS CADalog

WDS Component Parts says it has always been at the cutting edge when it comes to simplifying the design and specification process for design engineers and machine builders. It’s now updated its online CAD download facility to include instant downloads of 3D and 2D models for almost every CAD suite in operation today. Visit for free access to CAD models for 20,000+ standard parts and fixturing components.

One of the greatest hurdles when working on a new design project can be finding components which fit to the overall design - without going over the R&D budget or missing deadlines. WDS understands these design pressures, which is why it offers free CAD downloads to all registered users of its website. It’s now updated this facility to make the download process even quicker and ensure that the models are available for every CAD programme currently in operation today.

Users simply need to register online to access models of every standard part in the WDS range. All of the 20,000+ WDS products have a downloadable 3D or 2D drawing. To make sure that everyone can benefit from the tool, WDS has ensured that the 3D files are compatible with 13 different CAD software formats – with a total of 83 different revisions catered for to accommodate older software releases.

Chris Putman, Sales and Marketing Director for WDS, explains: “We know how useful many of our customers find our CAD download, so we wanted to make it available to everyone. Because we can accommodate such a number of CAD packages, we’re yet to come across someone using software that can’t open our drawings. Of course, if we did, we’d be happy to draw up a model for them and have it sent over the same day.

“We’ve also improved the download speed of the drawings, so now most users running on a normal internet connection can download a 3D file in a matter of seconds.”

To make things even easier WDS will shortly be launching an online 3D viewer which will allow site visitors to rotate and view a product from all angles online. As always, once the perfect component has been found, purchases can be made online or by calling the WDS sales team.

Ever struggled to get a brush off the grinder?

Everyone who has done a lot of work with wire brushes mounted on angle grinders knows that they can be hard to remove resulting in unnecessary downtime. Furthermore as you struggle with a spanner sometimes your hand can slip and hit the guard leading to cuts or bruised knuckles.

The engineers at Talus Industries NZ Limited, makers of Dixbro wire brushes, understand this well. Therefore they have come up with a simple solution - the special AFTTM insert fitted to the brush which provides a flexible barrier between the brush and the grinder spindle and absorbs the excess energy. As a result even after heavy use the brush removal is easy and safe. Another safety aspect of the insert is its ability to absorb some of the shock from the brush “biting” into the edges of the workpiece.

The blind field trials also indicate that the AFTTM insert may even help to absorb some vibrations from the brush working on an uneven surface and therefore help to improve the operator comfort. The company is now exploring this hypothesis further.

The patent pending AFTTM insert is now becoming a standard feature on all Dixbro cup and bevel brushes with M14 thread. Ph: 027 3955954 e-mail:




Hey Maintenance workers! There’s a new head turner in the office, and it’s amazingly easy to use

Turning heads... you don’t get that while dragging around your ladder. Unless of course you fall off or scrape a wall and then heads turn, just when you don’t want attention!
There are many perils when working off a ladder. Like balancing the best you can on a rung, with both hands overhead and a couple of tools balanced on the top step.

Something gets bumped and the tool you need next clangs as it bounces off the rungs below and ends up under someone’s desk, under a fridge or somewhere semi inaccessible.

Thankfully ladders are now being replaced. Construction sites and factories, are changing their equipment. You will find more mobile scaffolds, scissor lifts etc. on construction sites because they are fast and efficient even if they do take up more space. Factories have modular platforms, or elevated work platforms. The Equiptec VRS range is a winner and provides many efficiencies for both factory and construction workers that they never had with their ladders.

But for the office, inside a finished building? Whether it be an electrician servicing lights, a sprinkler installer, air-conditioning serviceman, or a building caretaker that needs to get to anything at any time, the options aren’t easy. Try pushing around a platform; it’s hard enough getting your ladder around some of those corners isn’t it?

In a commercial building, there’s a multitude of areas needing regular maintenance, and in the past ladders have been the only practical way to reach many places in offices, kitchens, and other tight spots.

However, help is here! There is now a much more efficient and practical solution with the new “Elevah 40” electric self-drive platform. These are a compact EWP, designed for tight places and jobs up to 4.0m high (2.0m standing height). Take it into a lift, through a standard doorway, down passageways, almost anywhere you walk. And there’s less chance of knocking off your tools, with the generous 20kg rated tool tray.

Quick, manoeuvrable, transportable, compact, and very roomy to work on,” Elevah 40” is a winner for any maintenance person that has had to drag a ladder around and set it up all day long.

These, promises Equiptec, are really cool! If you work at height and need to be able to get to anything at any time, they are the height access vehicle for you, it says.
So to take efficiency and safety to a new level contact Equiptec for a test drive at your site.

P.S. warns Equiptec, these are addictive; you won’t want to get off!

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Quality range of chains and cables for moving applications

Automation Equipment (NZ) Ltd are the New Zealand distributor for the world leading German manufacturer Igus. Igus manufacture top quality ranges of cable and hose management systems for moving applications. For over 20 years Automation Equipment has been distributing the Igus brand into New Zealand and, with the support and backup of Igus in Germany, they have a vast range of experience and technical knowledge for many different kinds of applications.

The Igus chain and cable range consists of two main categories, the first being E-Chain, which is injection moulded in Germany from materials specially designed by Igus. The Igus E-Chains are suitable for a vast range of movements, environments and conditions ranging from office furniture to ship-to-shore cranes. Igus offers many variations with fully enclosed E-Tube, high temperature material and ESD rated E-Chain all available.

The second is Chainflex cable. This is designed by Igus specifically for moving applications inside E-Chain. The range of Chainflex caters for all requirements, from basic multi-core control cable through to fibre optic, BUS and robotic cables. Igus offers customised solutions to meet many industry standard motor and servo connections and can also integrate Chainflex cables into the E-Chain for a ready to install solution.

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Maxon motor Australia announce the release of two new motors to their range

A new range of DC motors in 50mm diameter with power, length and voltage options. Produced by high quality manufacturer KAG and available upon request.

The M50x28/I and M50x65/I, fit between the existing M48 and M63 range offering more accurate motor size selection for manufacturing applications. The new 50mm x28 DC motor produces 7% more power compared to the 48mm and equals the power of a 63x40 version. The motor DC voltage range spans 5V through to 42V DC and the two motor body lengths are 91 and 126mm. It can be supplied with an optical encoder and gearhead to suit the application requirements. The configuration choices include Planetary, Spur and Worm gearhead styles and safety holding brakes. Nominal speeds near 2800rpm and efficiencies of over 80% have been measured. Data sheets and 3D models are available online.

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Customised panels now available

Customized Automation Panels offer a centralised controller for field instruments and gas detection equipment throughout process plants. Options range from standard panels for truck filling stations, through to fully customised panels with touch-screen control.

 Made in New Zealand, panels offer microprocessor-based programmable control panels for the processing industry. Panels are unique to the industrial world and feature unique technology. Panels are available as either standard or customized forms and can be purchased as per client requirements. When discussing applications, Instrumatics staff will ensure that panels are 100 percent compatible with current PLC or process requirements. Panels are compatible with all standard supply and include logic control inputs for remote control of user pre-programmed functions (of any Network communication form required). Designed exclusively for automation panel (PLC-based) control, panels include display and control systems for ease of use and maintenance.

When designing, all customer requirements are considered, such as.

  • Approval requirements for starter panel.
  • Power control.
  • Displays.
  • Alarms.
  • Control functionalities.
  • Datalogging.
  • Input/output requirements.
  • Requirement for mobile links to control processes.
  • External web browser login.
  • Need for Touch-screen or low-cost button controls.
  • Special instrumentation for various process needs.
  • Panels meet Quality and Safety standards.

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Food producers get moving with EQ

Many of New Zealand’s leading food companies are using EQM Industrial as their “go to” equipment firm for conveyors, rotary tables, gear drives, labelling machines and componentry.

During 2015 EQM supplied general and tailored solutions that have improved the productivity for a range of food companies from dairy through to fruit and confectionary.

A new food facility called on EQM to supply gear drives and conveyor components that was needed for a unique packing system. We recommended STM UMI & RMI Series as they are a smart gearbox that easily drives rotary tables and prevent the tall tubes from being knocked over.

Another project which started out as designing a conveyor line solution, led to a new conveyor system with several conveyors of various types as well as a rotary table.

The food producer wanted a hygienic conveyor system for dry goods and needed to ensure there would be no build-up of dry matter along the production line.

An apple pack house has a new bagging tray filling system created by EQM Industrial.

Increased demand for bagged apples had caused some problems in the packing process so we reconfigured it and added packing lanes tailor designed for bagging fruit but also to tray pack Z packs and RDT.

Nothing is sweeter than coming up with the right solution to a sticky problem and that’s just what EQM did with a conveyor system for a honey business.

The honey business was looking for a new solution to de-box (a decontamination process) its hives.

A new skate conveyor system was installed, which can easily be converted into an automatically motorised system.

EQM installed a long-lasting stainless steel gear drive at a dairy plant to stir a starter fermentation pot used in the process of making cheese.

The plant produces tonnes of cheese every day and the gear drives used to stir the starter pot can work up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cheese is the most complex of the dairy products, involving chemical, biochemical and microbiological processes. In cheese making, the “starter” is a culture of carefully selected lactic acid-producing bacteria.

Aluminum gear drives would only last about eight months of heavy use and a better performing alternative was needed.

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EnCompass – SKF Field Performance Programme

One might think that two bearings of the same size with the same dynamic load rating should perform equally well in a given application. In reality, they often do not.

The reason? Bearing performance under actual operating conditions is impacted by not only the dynamic load rating (C), but far more by the bearing’s inherent design and quality: everything from the surface finish of the raceways to the effectiveness of sealing and lubrication. The SKF EnCompass Field Performance Programme addresses this issue. By focusing on bearing design optimisation and more detailed analysis of the factors influencing bearing service life, the programme will help to meet real-world application conditions. As part of this programme, SKF is introducing new products, new knowledge and software tools to give you a field advantage – whatever your application.

New bearing life model
Understanding and addressing the factors that cause bearing failure, is critical to designing bearings that can perform as expected under field conditions. SKF has successfully integrated this knowledge into a new rolling bearing life calculation, called the SKF Generalised Bearing Life Model which includes more real life parameters such as lubrication, contamination and surface distress. By encompassing more parameters, the new model provides insight into the calculation of bearing rating life. The result is a significantly improved guide for selecting bearings for optimum reliability and productivity in the field.

New SKF calculation tools
As part of the SKF EnCompass programme, SKF is also introducing new advanced calculation tools, called SimPro Quick and SimPro Expert which will be launched to our customers in late 2016. With these proprietary software programs, customers can select bearings and fine-tune machine designs for optimal field performance based on their requirements. Both software tools enable engineers to consider the shaft, housing, bearings, external forces and gear loads.

Products in SKF field performance programme
Examples of products developed as a part of the field performance program are: The SKF upgraded explorer for self-aligning roller bearings, the new sealed spherical roller bearings, the new taconite seal and the ConCentra roller bearing units Upgraded SKF Explorer self-aligning bearings have up to twice the bearing service life in harsh environments compared to the previous design. By combining material, design and manufacturing improvements for self-aligning roller bearings, SKF Engineers have maximised the effect of lubrication and minimised the effects of friction, wear and contamination significantly increasing wear resistance These benefits are important for field performance as poor lubrication and contamination are responsible for approximately 50 percent of premature bearing failures.

Sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings can significantly increase bearing service life in contaminated environments. These bearings are pre-lubricated with highly effective contact seals. The seals protect the bearing and lubricant from contaminants that might otherwise cause premature bearing failure. In many applications, these bearings can be considered lubricated for the life of the bearing. By eliminating or extending re-lubrication intervals, these bearings can significantly reduce the cost to purchase, apply and dispose of grease. Sealed spherical roller bearings should be taken into consideration in all greased applications.

SKF ConCentra roller bearing units are robust, ready-to-mount units with reliable locking technology that are assembled, lubricated and sealed at the factory ready for instant use to avoid contamination during installation in the field. Designed to optimise the performance and maximise the service life of the SKF Explorer series 222 spherical roller bearings used in them, they are an excellent alternative to adapter sleeve-mounted bearings in split housings.

The SKF field performance program focuses on driving innovative technology and solutions that help our customers be more successful and sustainable, aligning with the SKF Life Cycle Management approach to reducing the total cost of ownership and SKF BeyondZero solutions to reduce environmental impact.

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