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EnCompass – SKF Field Performance Programme

One might think that two bearings of the same size with the same dynamic load rating should perform equally well in a given application. In reality, they often do not.

The reason? Bearing performance under actual operating conditions is impacted by not only the dynamic load rating (C), but far more by the bearing’s inherent design and quality: everything from the surface finish of the raceways to the effectiveness of sealing and lubrication. The SKF EnCompass Field Performance Programme addresses this issue. By focusing on bearing design optimisation and more detailed analysis of the factors influencing bearing service life, the programme will help to meet real-world application conditions. As part of this programme, SKF is introducing new products, new knowledge and software tools to give you a field advantage – whatever your application.

New bearing life model
Understanding and addressing the factors that cause bearing failure, is critical to designing bearings that can perform as expected under field conditions. SKF has successfully integrated this knowledge into a new rolling bearing life calculation, called the SKF Generalised Bearing Life Model which includes more real life parameters such as lubrication, contamination and surface distress. By encompassing more parameters, the new model provides insight into the calculation of bearing rating life. The result is a significantly improved guide for selecting bearings for optimum reliability and productivity in the field.

New SKF calculation tools
As part of the SKF EnCompass programme, SKF is also introducing new advanced calculation tools, called SimPro Quick and SimPro Expert which will be launched to our customers in late 2016. With these proprietary software programs, customers can select bearings and fine-tune machine designs for optimal field performance based on their requirements. Both software tools enable engineers to consider the shaft, housing, bearings, external forces and gear loads.

Products in SKF field performance programme
Examples of products developed as a part of the field performance program are: The SKF upgraded explorer for self-aligning roller bearings, the new sealed spherical roller bearings, the new taconite seal and the ConCentra roller bearing units Upgraded SKF Explorer self-aligning bearings have up to twice the bearing service life in harsh environments compared to the previous design. By combining material, design and manufacturing improvements for self-aligning roller bearings, SKF Engineers have maximised the effect of lubrication and minimised the effects of friction, wear and contamination significantly increasing wear resistance These benefits are important for field performance as poor lubrication and contamination are responsible for approximately 50 percent of premature bearing failures.

Sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings can significantly increase bearing service life in contaminated environments. These bearings are pre-lubricated with highly effective contact seals. The seals protect the bearing and lubricant from contaminants that might otherwise cause premature bearing failure. In many applications, these bearings can be considered lubricated for the life of the bearing. By eliminating or extending re-lubrication intervals, these bearings can significantly reduce the cost to purchase, apply and dispose of grease. Sealed spherical roller bearings should be taken into consideration in all greased applications.

SKF ConCentra roller bearing units are robust, ready-to-mount units with reliable locking technology that are assembled, lubricated and sealed at the factory ready for instant use to avoid contamination during installation in the field. Designed to optimise the performance and maximise the service life of the SKF Explorer series 222 spherical roller bearings used in them, they are an excellent alternative to adapter sleeve-mounted bearings in split housings.

The SKF field performance program focuses on driving innovative technology and solutions that help our customers be more successful and sustainable, aligning with the SKF Life Cycle Management approach to reducing the total cost of ownership and SKF BeyondZero solutions to reduce environmental impact.

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DYNO New Zealand on track for successful year

Dyno New Zealand had a satisfactory wrap-up of 2015 with 2016 already looking promising, it says. The nationwide company’s own New Year’s Resolution is to continue to enhance its reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading conveyor solution providers. As part of this drive Dyno will soon launch a new website and open a new office in Auckland, advises spokesman Scott McLean, as well as continuing with its R&D programme, a platform McLean describes as exciting. And to back up its efforts for 2016, Dyno will be attending tradeshows including EMEX and Foodtech/Packtech.

All new ideas and innovations aside, the company will, of course, continue to stick to its core strengths of advising customers as to the best solution for their particular need and suppling a tailored conveyor system especially for them. This is achieved by having a secure and dedicated team of experts one of whose greatest strengths is actually listening to the client, assures McLean.

In 2016 Dyno will also continue its promise to help the industry by focussing on improving productivity, decreasing costs, automating production, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, streamlining processes, and overall making businesses more money.

Dyno, with a portfolio ranging from specialist conveyor components right through to turn-key projects, welcomes all conveyor-related enquiries.

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Fight fumes and dust with a DustKart

A common problem in many manufacturing plants is the nuisance of dust from bag tipping, filling or other infrequent sources of dust into the factory. It may not be often enough to justify a complete centralised dust extraction system, but it requires (for Health & Safety as well as good housekeeping), an effective solution.

To fill this need, NZ DUCT+FLEX have received the first shipment of ‘DustKart’ mobile filter units with the added advantage of pulsed air cleaning for the integrated filter.

The DustKart has a three-stage filtration system: metal mesh pre-filter, a cartridge filter which can be fitted with range of cartridge types to suit welding, grinding, polishing or a wide range of other dusts in small to medium quantities. These are collected in a bottom mounted dust drawer which is easily accessed and emptied. The third filter is an activated carbon filter at the outlet.

The unit requires three-phase supply but is moved into position readily with the castors (two lockable) and two 160mm dia x three-metre reach fume arms (purchased separately) to provide 2000m³/h i.e. 1000m³ at each hood. The powder coated unit is very durable and designed for continuous operation where constant exhaust is required.

The DustKart is only 1188mm high, 862mm wide and 1351mm deep so is easily accommodated in any workshop.

The fume arms available for NZ DUCT+FLEX have external hinging for lower maintenance and ease to manoeuvre i.e. the hinges do not get clogged with the debris and jam eventually rendering them difficult to position, the hoods are metal and the all-round grab handle means they can be easily adjusted to operate effectively drawing fumes away from the welder without getting in his way – unlike static hoods which are often above the welders head and only remove the fumes after the employee had breathed them in.

The DustKart is made in Europe by the same supplier as NZ Duct & Flex’s popular ‘Fume Cube” and Fume Arm range.

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Advanced Instruments – Analyzing very low range gas levels

Advanced Instruments Inc. was founded by individuals whose entire work experience centered on the design, manufacture and application of electrochemical galvanic fuel cell type oxygen sensors and analyzers. The ability to develop and offer electrochemical sensor based oxygen analyzers for measurements ranging from less than one PPB to 100% pure oxygen establishes products which are unique in the global marketplace. Recently, new detectors and related analyzers for measuring other gases such as carbon monoxide, combustibles, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen sulfide have been added to the company’s ever growing product line.

From the breakthrough Pico-Ion PPB oxygen sensor to the totally unique electrochemical oxygen purity sensor and improving the traditional trace PPM and percent sensors in between; life, performance, compatibility with acid gases and reliability have been taken to the next level. The Pico-Ion oxygen sensor represents an innovative breakthrough in sensor technology by combining the ability to analyze less than one PPB oxygen concentration with long life, absolutely no maintenance requirements, a compact size and a low cost of ownership.

Product applications include: %Oxygen from 0.01% (specialized instruments will even measure down to levels at 0.001%O2); PPM Analyzers from 0.1PPM; Ambient safety monitors for O2 and H2S.

Intrinsically safe and Explosion-proof options available.

Detailed specifications and information is available from Instrumatics. Tel 09-526 0096, or


Cleaning and surface preparation in restricted areas

Most engineering supply stores will have some small stemmed wire brushes, usually called the end brushes. However not everyone may know what they are used for.

They come in different shapes and sizes and were originally designed for engine reconditioning jobs. But times have changed. There may not be as much reconditioning done as in the past and end brushes have become popular in many applications involving work in restricted or hard-to-reach areas such as dies, tubes, engines, pistons etc.

When considering the right brush for the application don’t look just at the brush diameter but also consider its full specification. It is important to realise that the wires will flare out during brush rotation. This means that the effective reach of the brush is increased. More importantly remember to first insert the brush into a hole before switching the power tool on!

Some brushes have been designed to work at very high speeds and can therefore be used on air powered tools and die grinders. Always check the maximum speed of the tool and of the brush before beginning a job.

Finally, as with most things not all the end brushes are created equal and you get what you pay for. So ask your local engineering supplies store for advice.


The lightest linear guide in the world

Treotham has released the Igus Drylin W linear rails, made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which makes them extremely lightweight, stiff and non-magnetic. They are the lightest linear guides in their magnitude, which are available for up to 2000mm stroke.

The maintenance and lubricant free linear guide is suitable for the aircraft, medical, robotic and automotive industry, where weight savings are critical and can save a lot of money.

The whole rail, rather than just the support material, is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, and is up to 40% lighter than one with an aluminum rail and 60% lighter than one with a steel rail. It is also available as a completely metal-free toothed belt axis.

The new rails have been tested by Igus many times and have proved to provide optimum wear and friction coefficients in combination with carbon shafts, says the company.

Rugged, galvanically isolated DC/DC converters with IP67 rating

Now in stock at Powerbox, the DVC Series of rugged, galvanically isolated DC/DC converters for use in applications with tough environmental conditions. The DVC Series provides excellent transient protection which make them very well suited for use within the electric forklift market and other vehicle based applications. With an IP 67 protection rating these converters are well protected against dust, moisture and pollutants and a fully potted design offers protection within high shock and vibration environments. A flanged baseplate makes mounting these converters very easy and the baseplate can be used to conduct heat away allowing these products to be used in environments with higher ambient temperatures. The input voltage ranges on the DVC Series are a lot wider than standard DC-DC converters and are typically 17-40V, 25-70V, 33-90V and 56-154V and output power ranges from 75 to 500 Watts.

Other features of the DVC Series are;
Rugged construction / potted device
Protection against unfavourable environmental conditions
DC/DC wide range input

  • Filtered against vehicle on-board disturbances
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40 to +75 Deg C
    Galvanic isolation of 1,5kV
  • Design acc. to EN60950, EN50155, EN1175, ISO20898
  • Over Temperature protection
    Short-circuit / No-load protection
  • Parallel connectable



Crucial Launches Next Generation BX200 SSD Hard Drive Replacement

Crucial has released the new Crucial BX200 solid state drive (SSD), which offers substantial yet affordable performance gains compared to a standard hard drive, promises the memory and storage upgrades provider. The drive, designed for consumers and SMBs, allows users to load applications in seconds, boot up almost instantly, and accelerate every day applications.

The new BX200 provides sequential read and write speeds up to 540 MB/s and 490 MB/s respectively on all types of data, as well as random read and write speeds up to 66k and 78k IOPS respectively. Additionally, when compared to a typical hard drive, the new BX200 is more than 13 times faster and 40 times more energy efficient for almost instantaneous access to data, resulting in longer battery life and a cooler, quieter system. The new drive utilises a Silicon Motion SM2256 Controller and is coupled with Micron verified firmware, allowing users to upgrade their existing infrastructure at an affordable price, which is a great alternative to buying a whole new system.

Micron Consumer Products Group Marketing Manager APAC Mathew Luu believes the Crucial BX200 SSD is an ideal solution for consumers whose computers are slowed down by an old or inadequate hard drive. “This SSD is the perfect blend of performance and value, allowing a user to get more done and have more fun. Installing a BX200 will help users enjoy their computers again.”

Available now in a 2.5-inch form factor, the Crucial BX200 SSD is offered in 240GB, 480GB and 960GBiii with MSRPs of NZD169, NZD309 and NZD569, respectively.

The new drive is supported by the Crucial Storage Executive tool, is backed by a limited three-year warranty, and is compatible with both PC and Mac systems. The BX200 also comes standard with Acronis True Image HD data migration software that moves all files, operating systems, settings and programs from an existing hard drive to the newly installed SSD.

For more information about Crucial SSDs, please visit
New Zealand stockist: PB Tech #151202. 

A Martel calibrator including integrated pressure pump

The BetaGauge 330 hand held pressure calibrator includes an integral electric pressure pump. A Pt100 RTD input is provided for temperature measurements accurate to ±0.1 °C (0.2 °F). In addition, the BetaGauge 330 measures and simulates 4-20 mA loop current signals. It can measure up to 30 VDC. An internal 24 VDC Instrument Power Supply supplies power to a transmitter under test.

The calibrator provides a number of convenience features: Switch test can be performed on internal or external pressure input; Percent Error and damping functions are provided; up to five frequently used setups can be stored and retrieved with one button recall; the compact, rugged design operates on eight standard AA Alkaline batteries. Due to the power saving designs incorporated in the BetaGauge 330, it can perform approximately 300 calibration cycles to 150 PSI on one set of batteries.

Contact Instrumatics to discuss calibration options. or 09 526 0096

Schmalz fits every need

Automation Equipment is the New Zealand distributor for world class vacuum brand Schmalz of Germany. Schmalz offers vacuum products and solutions for the woodworking industry from clamping to lifting and can supply vacuum pods for the leading brands of CNC Console machines such as Biesse, SCM, Homag, Weeke and more. Schmalz also provides solutions for standard grid, T-Slot grid and flat tables and a machine upgrade solution called Innospann for older machines. The versatile Multi-Clamp for small and medium work pieces is a robust benchtop mounted clamping solution that can run off compressed air or external vacuum sources, enabling 360° swivelling and 90° pivoting while the work piece remains attached. The lifting range includes Vacuum Tube lifters for quick handling of work pieces up to 300kg, and the VacuMaster range for handling work pieces up to 2,000kg. Specific solutions for 90° and 180° are available as well as for long or vertically stacked and large porous work pieces.

Details: 0800 847 200