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2nd Safety Control Systems & Hazardous Areas Conference

Every year, industry experiences catastrophic fires, explosions or toxic releases. These events can result in injury, loss of life and can have a huge economic impact. The 2nd Safety Control Systems & Hazardous Areas Conference has been created to offer you the most up to date information to enable you to analyse, specify, design, install and maintain safety systems and electrical equipment in your plant whilst complying with the latest standard requirements.

Day one of the conference will focus on safety control systems including instrumentation and machinery safety. Case studies and practical applications will be presented by specialists experienced in safety life cycle activities such as hazard and risk assessment and the determination of safety integrity levels (SILs). 

Dr Eric Scharpf, Partner at Exida Asia Pacific, will deliver a half day keynote workshop on the topic entitled Third Generation Functional Safety in a High Stakes World. It is now more than 20 years since the first functional safety standards were developed in the US and Europe. We have been through the initial generation when the 61508 first edition dominated (1996 to 2004) and the second generation when the process industry fully engaged with 61511 (2004 to 2016). Now a third generation has started with a new 61511 coming onto the scene with a new Health and Safety at Work Act. We also are faced with new issues of cyber security and alarm management integration, where the chances and consequences of failure continue to escalate. As always, our job is to work through the complexities and plan a clear, intelligent course forward. Charting and implementing that course will be our focus as we look at how to best apply the new elements of the process safety lifecycle, how to guard against new cyber security threats, and how to integrate alarm management all in the context of the new legal requirements. This workshop will be useful to engineers, technicians, and managers with design, safety, or operations responsibility in process or machine automation applications.

An additional four presentations will be held on the first day of the event, covering the following topics:

  • Functional Safety Assessment Stage 3 - in Practice
  • Controlling Fire and Explosion Safety using CCTV Technology
  • IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 - An Overview
  • Practical Cyber Security for Safety Instrumented Systems

Day two of the conference has been created to meet and exchange ideas for those concerned with the safe use of electrical and mechanical equipment and instrumentation in hazardous, flammable or explosive atmospheres.

Neil Dennis, Technical Director at AECOM Australia will deliver a half day keynote workshop entitled Current and Future Directions for Hazardous Area Standard. Since 2013 there have been a number of significant new changes in the IEC end user standards for hazardous areas which are still filtering down into the ANZ standards. But the changes haven’t stopped coming and more is on the way in both arenas. These changes include classification of hazardous areas, electrical installations and inspections, certification of assemblies, pressurisation and ventilation systems for rooms, safety devices, spray booths, adverse environments, competencies and more. This presentation will give an insight into what is happening ranging from an overview and into some of the key technical details as well as providing a forecast of what can be expected in standards for hazardous areas over the next few years.

Four additional presentations will be held on the second day of the event, covering the following topics:

  • Explosive Gas Hazardous Area Classifications using Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling
  • High Definition Laser Scanning For the Cost Effective Development of Hazardous Area Drawings
  • Static Electricity – “The Front Line”
  • The Development of a Software System for Hazardous Area Documentation – Challenges, Pitfalls and Positive Spin-offs

Participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and know-how with engineers, technicians and other technical professionals who are all eager to eliminate accidents and injuries in the work place. This conference will be relevant and beneficial to a wide range of industry sectors including machinery and automation plants, chemical processes, energy and power, pulp and paper and petrochemicals. or phone (09) 263 4759

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