demm engineering manufacturing August 2011

DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing August 2011

Product Watch
A roundup of new technologies and services designed to increase the
productivity, efficiency and safety of the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Water Treatment & Wastewater Systems
A heads up on new technologies impacting on the treatment of water and
sewerage. Includes a look at pressurized wastewater collection systems – a far
superior option to the traditional septic tank.

Turning waste into ‘gold’
Rotorua District Council and CRI Scion recently opened a biosolid waste
processing pilot plant in Rotorua. Jenny Baker reports on the potential
commercial and environmental benefits of this technology.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics
The latest developments in the world of hydraulics and pneumatics, including
the arrival of Hydro Leduc pumps and motors at Hyspecs.

Maintenance Matters
This month there’s a special focus on corrosion control and lubrication – and
Phil Hurford reminds us of the importance of TLC in maintenance – that’s
Tightness, Lubrication and Cleaning in case you were wondering. Get those
three basic components of maintenance right, he says, and you’ll easily halve
equipment failures.

Industry Watch & Coming Events

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