demm engineering manufacturing September 2011

DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing September 2011
Product Watch
A roundup of new technologies and services designed to increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of the engineering and manufacturing sector.
Oil & Gas Industry
A quick wrap up of new technologies relevant to New Zealand’s oil and gas industry – plus a review of the recent Oil & Gas Expo held in New Plymouth.
Meeting Peak Demand
Jenny Baker reports on Contact Energy’s new 200 megawatt gas-fired peaker plant near Stratford, and its associated underground storage facility for natural gas near Ahuroa. The project presented a significant geological, engineering and construction challenge for the company.
Welding Technology
The latest developments in the world of welding and welding fume extraction.
Read about the Miller AlumaFeed synergic aluminium welding system – designed to give optimum results when welding aluminium.
Pumps & Valves
Discover how a custom chopper pump is dealing to egg pulp; how peristaltic pumping technology easily copes with sodium hypochlorite; and meet the unique Egger IRIS valve.
Maintenance Matters
This month there’s a special focus on industrial cleaning; MESNZ secretary Craig Carlyle starts his two-part series on the issues surrounding New Zealand’s supply of tradesmen and apprenticeship training; and there’s a special report on the very successful Trades At School programme in South Auckland.
Industry Watch & Coming Events


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