Accessible and attractive thermal imaging

With the launch of the Flir T400-Series, Flir Systems says it wants to make thermal imaging even more accessible and attractive for both the advanced user and the beginner. Experienced users of thermal imaging cameras such as utility service providers, mechanical, electrical, and professional building inspectors are demanding more from thermal imaging cameras. They want ergonomic systems that they can use several hours per day without tiring, cameras that offer high image quality and that are equipped with all the necessary features that help them to save time when doing their everyday jobs.

The new user-friendly T400-Series is designed for the user looking to combine excellent ergonomics and high performance with high image quality of 320 x 240 pixels – all at an affordable price. Especially for the building inspection sector, a compass has been integrated in the T440bx model. This way the inspector can see which direction he is looking and to which direction a wall is oriented. This can be important information when doing building inspections. The T400 and T400bx-Series come with a tiltable optical unit which makes it possible to measure and take images of objects in all angles, still in a comfortable working position.

Top-of-the-line T440 and T440bx models are equipped with the innovative ‘multi spectral dynamic imaging’ (MSX) feature, which produces an extremely detail rich image. Due to this new feature more anomalies can be detected, more detailed analyses and conclusions can be drawn in a split second. The T440 measures temperatures between -20°C and +1200°C (T440bx -20°C and +650°C). Objects of interest, both on the thermal image and the visual image, can be highlighted by sketching directly on the camera touch screen. An ‘instant report’ of the inspection (with sketches or other text comments included) can be created directly in the T440. A programmable button provides easy access to favourite functions. Built-in Wi-Fi allows connecting smart phones or tablet PCs for the wireless transfer of images or remote control of the camera. The Bluetooth based Meterlink function transfers readings from external measurement instruments to the thermal image.

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