Thermal Imaging
The advantages of upskilling in-house

Challenging but intensely interesting and motivating is how Tony Hardcastle describes Eurotec’s five-day Thermography Certification course. And it should be challenging because infrared is a serious and necessary tool for many businesses and although you may be well aware of how worthwhile such a skill is, it is only when you master the art that you really understand its actual high value.

Hardcastle, of Ballance Agri-Nutrients Kapuni, said that after many years of depending on an Infra-red contractor who was not always available and having their own substandard IR tools, the company decided to create an in-house Infra-red capability. “Attending a suitable training course was essential and we took the opportunity to attend a course set up by Eurotec. We found this course very challenging but intensely interesting and motivating. Through the week Wayne took us from a position of realising our own ignorance to being able to manage a high-tech IR camera with confidence. All three of us attending were very impressed with the way he made us learn what was taught. Altogether it was a valuable and rewarding week.”

The reason Ballance chose Eurotec was Wayne Ruddock, whom Hardcastle knew through VANZ. Ruddock has been involved in Infrared Thermography and Infrared Thermographic Training since 1978. He is a seasoned veteran of hands-on infrared inspections, giving him the ability to teach real-life thermography, an ability gratefully recognised by another Eurotec thermography graduate, Angus Ferguson of Carter Holt Harvey. “Wayne,” says Ferguson, “has a way of delivering the book work and practical work along with his life experiences in thermography that keeps you interested throughout the course. It doesn’t take long to realise that there is more to the art of thermography, and Eurotec did an outstanding job of hosting the course. I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering Level 1 Thermography.” Eurotec also provides Level 2 training.

Ruddock been conducting Level 1 and Level 2 training courses throughout the world since 1980. He was the Level 3 thermographer and North American Director of training for an established infrared company from 1990 – 1999, at which time he became the director of Advanced Infrared Resources.

Ruddock has written training curriculums for various infrared equipment manufacturers and has also been the chairman of an ASNT (American Society of Non Destructive Testing) infrared committee. He now presents unbiased, camera independent, Level 1 and Level 2 training courses throughout the world as well as specifically tailored in-house training programs.

The material in these courses generally follows the guidelines set out in ASNT-TC-1A as well as ISO 18436. Ruddock also presents a Level 3 programme implementation and management course following Advanced Infrared Resources written procedures and guidelines. In these courses he combines audio, visual, and kinetic presentations to make learning easy for individuals from all backgrounds. The courses include lectures, demonstrations and student workshops.

Ruddock has also been involved in auditing existing infrared programs as well as providing written procedures and guidelines for companies wishing to set up a sustainable infrared predictive maintenance programme. His knowledge of the basics of RCM and the other 4 condition monitoring disciplines gives him the ability to help companies begin the journey towards a workable asset management programme.

Currently the chairman of the Mexican Institute of Infrared Thermography, Ruddock is also involved in the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Infrared Thermography.  

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