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Almost instant decontamination
Almost instant decontamination

Scott Technologies light decontamination system is a portable airborne and surface decontamination solution with the ability to decontaminate chemical, biological and radiological vapours, liquids and particles simultaneously in as little as five minutes.

Utilising atomisation technology the light decontamination system creates a fine mist ensuring an even and consistent coverage, and haptic dry surfaces. Rapidly projecting these droplets in the form of a dense and turbulent mist, the system is capable of delivering CBRN decontaminants to all non-line of sight surfaces. This process drastically reduces both the chemical footprint and time required for effective decontamination. Unlike many traditional decontamination systems which utilise liquids, this new process forces powders to behave like a gas, ensuring that sensitive and electronic equipment is not damaged.
Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, the light decontamination system typically requires only five percent of decontaminant compared to traditional systems due to the gas-like behaviour of the small droplet mist. Easily directed and controlled with a lance hose, the system achieves a projection distance of up to 30 meters and is compatible with a range of chemistries.
Global Product Manager for Military & Civil Defence at Scott Safety, Dr David Crouch said:

“The light decontamination system will revolutionise the fire market; it is lightweight, portable and extremely powerful. In validation trials, the system decontaminated anthrax by 99.9999999 percent from a 100m³ space, in less than five minutes.” 



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