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Another first - Smart encoders from ifm electronic
Another first - Smart encoders from ifm electronic

New incremental encoders from ifm electronic finally break the mould: not only are they programmable, they have switched outputs for a pre-set count or speed. But the real innovation is the built-in display to show values for counting, speed or output status!

Easy programming: setting the resolution and the many other functions is simply done using the intuitive push buttons on the encoder. Of course remote setting is also possible, and for this ifm electronic use the IO-Link open standard, so the user is not tied to proprietary software, but can instead use standard PLC’s or HMI’s because IO-Link is supported by major manufacturers. 

Stock reduction: machine builders and incremental encoder users can now select the housing they require, choosing 6mm or 10mm diameter solid shafts, or 12mm semi-hollow, and that is all they need to stock, programming the resolution as required. The smart encoders also offer selectable 5V or 24V outputs.

The connection is simple, too. Our customers tell us they don’t like M23 connectors, so the new range is equipped with the more compact M12, which can be rotated to select the cable entry angle.

Not only is the technology ground-breaking, but ifm electronic believes the pricing is, too.  Now that’s true innovation to support Industry!

For further information, contact ifm NZ support: 0800 803444 -

ifm electronic is committed to working closely with its customers and develops products which precisely match their needs. The company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm electronic products.

For further information, contact ifm NZ support: ph. 0800 803444:



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