Baler benefits stationery firm

CROXLEY Stationery is the major manufacturer and wholesaler of home and office stationery consumables in New Zealand. The company has been recycling waste produced through its manufacturing process for many years. However, the majority of waste was placed into compactors serviced by a waste management company and very little was separated or sorted. “We recently recognised that there was an opportunity to focus in on this waste, improve the separation of waste with value, and therefore provide some financial return to the company,” explains Tony de Felice, environmental manager for Croxley Stationery. To enable this outcome, Croxley purchased a Pioneer PB250 Vertical Baler from Whangarei-based Pioneer Waste & Recycling Equipment – a compact machine measuring 2780mm (H) x 1730mm (W) x 1000mm (D), with a cycle time of just 34 seconds, and producing bales that weigh around 250 kilograms (depending on material) and measure 1000mm (H) x 1200mm (W) x 800mm (D). “The purchase of our PB250 Vertical Baler from Pioneer has given us the ability to bale this separated waste effectively from our collection points throughout our facility at Rosebank Road in Avondale,” says de Felice. Another benefit of the installation has been increased staff awareness of waste and how best to deal with it. Croxley has seen greater awareness of the amount of waste being produced and a drive to reduce the production of waste through the manufacturing process. “Despite the recent downturn in the waste and recycling industry as a result of the worldwide economic situation, Croxley remains committed to the environmental initiatives that have been put in place,” says de Felice. “And with equipment like the PB250 we feel confident of being well placed to continue to achieve payback on our investment, and a positive return late this year. “We look forward to further purchase of this type of equipment in the near future,” adds de Felice, “to enable us to further improve the environment through attention to other valuable waste.” Ideal for applications where there are medium to large volumes of material, the PB250 Vertical Baler features retaining claws to prevent spring back, and the hydraulic bale ejector makes bale ejection clean and simple. Pioneer Waste & Recycling Equipment specialises in the supply of innovative waste handling and recycling equipment. Products include vertical balers, bin presses, polystyrene compactors, horizontal balers, auto-tie balers, as well as static compactors, screw compactors for liquid decanting, bin tippers and much more. •



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