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Bark gets sorted with EQM

EQM Industrial has once again proven it looks at the big picture when it comes to recommending the most appropriate equipment to be used for optimal performance.

Anthony Bloxham from EQM says they were recently posed a question on what would be the most suitable gearbox for a conveyor that would operate outside in pretty harsh environmental conditions. 

“The customer wanted something that would last a long time withstanding harsh weather conditions and continue to work all day, everyday, if required.” 

The client was a landscape supply business that handles many different grades of bark. 

The business wanted to increase production and decided to look for a new conveyor system that would separate the bark from the cadmium in each specific grade. 

They initially looked offshore but turned their attention to EQM because if there was a breakdown, they could quickly source replacement parts or equipment. 

When others would have suggested a conventional worm gearbox, EQM stepped it up and suggested the STM OM series of Bevel Helical Gearboxes, which comes with a cast-iron gearbox housing and hardened steel gears instead of an aluminium housing and brass gears as alternative. 

“It’s more designed for rugged and heavy duty loads and can withstand pretty hard weather.” 

In fact this exciting range of STM Bevel Helical Gearboxes is second to none, with a broad and full range of sizes and ratios, a variety of mounting options and the ability to transmit torques up to 11,000nm. 

“Each drive needed to deliver power and efficiency, have a high service factor to be long lasting and require minimal maintenance.”
As standard, and due to the harsh conditions, EQM also recommended and fitted Challenge triple seal spherical bearings to all the drive and tail drums. 

A simple alteration to strengthen EQM’s standard C-Channel and TR series designs provided all the bark processor needed to achieve his requirements. 

The client also found that with EQM they got more than they actually bargained for in the way of service and support.
“At the end of the project we gave them a full maintenance schedule including information for ordering replacement parts and suggestions on how often to lubricate the equipment.”

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