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SENSORTRONIC Scales, CMA Recycling’s preferred supplier of weighing equipment, has recently installed and commissioned two x 24 metre x 3.5 metre concrete deck weighbridges at CMA’s new site in Church Street, Onehunga. Sensortronic Scales have been in the scale business since 1982 and offers a complete range of weighing equipment – from laboratory balances to crane or pallet weighing scales and from weighbridges to silos or hoppers, and many other industrial applications.
Sensortronic offers its customers ‘turn-key solutions’ from consultation to design through to manufacture and installation. And they back this up with a maintenance program that includes regular scheduled service and calibration testing. The team at Sensortronic Scales understands the importance of preventative maintenance and encourages customers to consider the benefits of a good maintenance program that will offer reports about the scale – detailing calibration variances and recommended action to rectify problems should it be required. Sensortronic Scales has also developed its own Weighbridge Computer Management System (WMS). This is a powerful tool when used to record transactions across any profitable weighbridge. WMS software will track entry and exit weighs and can store pre-recorded historic tare weights if required, speeding up transactions and traffic across the weighbridge. WMS can be used as a manned operator system, or even as an un-manned operation utilizing a driver terminal and touchscreen that prompts the driver to complete a transaction. Another great product at CMA’s new Church Street site is a Belt Way Conveyer Scale that has the ability to accurately offer production data (i.e. the rate of product or throughput, plus knowing the amount of product produced at any one time). The Belt Way system utilises easy-to-use PC software that can give management real time production information for use in planning and scheduling. •





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