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Bigger, better, brighter for your off-road company fleet
Bigger, better, brighter for your off-road company fleet

Bigger, better, brighter for your off-road company fleet

After the success of the LED Light Bar 350, Hella is introducing the longer and brighter brother, the LED Light Bar 470. The new lamp features all the outstanding properties of the previous model plus four additional high-performance automotive LED’s and a maximum luminous intensity of 166,000 candela at a power consumption of only 35 watts. 

The dust and waterproof light bar comes in two different beam patterns – high beam (Ref 25) and pencil beam (Ref 37.50).  

Ultralight weight is particularly valued on ATVs and off-road Vehicles which often roof mount these light bars.  Hella says it has listened to feedback and has kept the weight of the LED Light Bar 470 below 1 kg (950 Gram).  Hella’s ultra-lightweight LED bars ensure the all-important lower centre of gravity is maintained.  

The ‘revolutionary’ thermally conductive housing is precision injection moulded from a ceramic based polymer which is highly resistant to degradation and corrosion even in demanding environmental conditions.  Due to its slim profile, this streamline light bar is ideal for applications where aerodynamic styling is a valued attribute.  The flexible, adjustable mounting system ensures easy installation. 

The LED Light Bar 470 features a Multivolt circuit for optimum brightness at a wide range of input voltages from 9 to 33 volts DC and is an ECE certified, road legal high beam.  

Hella’s LED Light Bar 350 is now also available with a heavy duty mounting system that will suit most vehicle installations.  

Made of stainless steel, the new heavy duty bracket is the perfect choice for On and Off road and applications where durability and reliability are essential, advises Hella. 

The LED Light Bars 350 and 470 are covered by Hella’s comprehensive five-year warranty.  

An Instruction video on how to install the LED Light Bars can be found under:   


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