Bigger capacity fume solution
CLEANING up fumes efficiently won’t cost you as much as you think. The DustStorm filter range from New Zealand Duct & Flex is a tried and tested, ‘off the shelf’ and competitively priced ($15,500) automatic fume solution.
Following the successful launch of the DS-7 DustStorm filter to the market in February this year, New Zealand Duct & Flex is now introducing the ‘big brother’ model DS-12 DustStorm Auto Clean Filter, which more than doubles the maximum air capacity handled.
The DS-12, as its name suggests, increases the number of filter cartridges from seven to 12.  By selecting from the range of dust and fume specific filter cartridges available, the units can be fine tuned to handle fumes from plasma cutting, metal welding, stainless steel welding, pharmaceutical dust, sandblasting, grain dust as well as many more. This DS-12 model is also very successful in dealing with cement and shotblasting dust. Over 100 units a year have already been sold in Europe by Danish supplier JKF Industri for this purpose alone.
“Whilst initial sales and interest for the DS-7 have been good, and many customers loved the compact size and excellent design, they simply wanted more capacity. This new unit will answer that need and will be ideal for extraction for larger Plasma Cutters, Welding Bay fumes and similar requirements,” says Geoff Ebdon from NZ Duct & Flex.
It shares with its smaller stable-mate, the same simple to assemble design constructed out of high tensile Swedish steel – giving strength and quality for a surprisingly low weight (approx 650kg). Both DustStorm units come with inbuilt fan and compressed air pulse cleaning.
The larger filter body diameter of the DS-12 DustStorm means there is lots of space between the filter elements, aiding air flow and reducing any risk of filter blockage. The up-going velocity in the filter is low, achieving better filter cleaning.
Maintenance is always a subject asked about. These filters are fitted with the simple ‘car bonnet’ type lid closure mechanism, which allows easy inspection of the filters from the top, without getting covered in dust and powder! Filter life is notably long, with many DustStorm units still running in Europe with the original filters after years of trouble free operation.
The effective ‘Easy Clean’ system comprises a 48-litre pressure tank with integrated valves which simply need connection to a low (3 bar) compressed air supply. This large tank facilitates cleaning at lower pressures, lengthening filter cartridge life. The dust nozzles direct the air into the centre of the filter elements to ensure they are cleaned uniformly and in series.
The DS-12 model is effective, compact and has low energy consumption – these filters are negative pressure filters with the fan on the clean air side. Safety is a top priority and all DustStorm units come fitted with a side mounted ATEX-approved explosion membrane that meets all current safety standards.
The DustStorm range available from JKF also includes larger 20, 28, 36 and 44 filter cartridge units, taking air capacity up to 25,000 m³/hr.
“So if you have an issue with neighbours’ complaints, pressure from Council staff or simply a nice black powdery dust all over your factory (and staff!) it’s likely there is a DustStorm that can solve your problem,” says Ebdon.










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