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A new Egmont Air dust extraction system was recently installed for Pacific Doors Systems' Timaru Factory. Pacific Door Systems Ltd specialises in the manufacture of industrial and commercial doors and windows for fire, smoke, acoustic, ballistic, security, detention, and architectural applications. They also specialise in high quality veneer work and are able to press large sized doors. The introduction of a new large CNC router at its Timaru facility meant a new dust extraction system was required. Pacific Doors contacted the team at Egmont Air to evaluate their requirements and commission a system that would provide enough suction for the CNC and other machinery. Another design consideration was the need to maintain a dust-free and clean environment. Egmont Air designed the system with a sealed discharge connection to a waste management bin to ensure that the dust was effectively contained and would not cause any harm to the environment, create a hazard or become a nuisance for neighbours. Timing of the project was also important. The dust extraction system had to be installed with minimum disruption to production. Michael Pearson of Pacific Doors comments, “This project was on a tight timeline. Egmont Air gave us what we wanted, on time, with a very high level of pre-sale and after-sale service and assistance.” Egmont Air offers an on-site evaluation service to calculate and measure the extraction requirements and airflows for all applications. They can supply a complete on-site service from ‘technical advice’ to ‘design and installation’ of turn-key projects. A large range of products and solutions are available for the one-man joinery shops to large timber processors and sawmills anywhere in New Zealand. According to the company, Egmont Air dust extraction systems are the favourite solution for woodworking factories such as timber processors, boat builders, solid-timber and MDF manufacturers. Egmont Air Systems are not only limited to wood dust, being experienced in all types of dust or fume including smoke, fumes, paint spray, metallic dust and more, many solutions are available off the shelf.

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