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Chemshed keeps chemicals safe
The days of leaving chemicals and other hazardous materials on a shelf or in a locked cupboard in your business, workshop or garage are over. 
From panel beating to farming, manufacturing to maintenance, the regulations around the storage of flammable and corrosive liquids are causing industry across the country to take a fresh look at the way these products are stored.
Common sense and best practice tells us we should store these chemicals in approved safety cabinets, where they are isolated from other incompatible substances, protected from misuse and contained in the event of a spill incident.
That’s where the Chemshed cabinets come in. Successfully combining compliance and practicality, their unique design provides the user with a unit that is the most secure, sound and approved solution on the market today. Packed with features like double skinned walls, 150mm sumps, galvanised shelving and sequentially closing doors, these cabinets very quickly turn that storage nightmare into a crisp, efficient and safe work zone.
Civilquip is the national importer of Chemshed, and with distributors right across the country, there’s bound to be a supplier not too far away. 
Contact Civilquip on 0800 688 844 for your nearest dealer or find us online at 
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