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Create the Perfect Robot Gripper Online in Less Time

Vacuum specialist Schmalz presents its modular vacuum end effector (VEE) for the packaging industry. With software from Schmalz, end effectors can now be configured online in just a few minutes.

Speed and flexibility are the main challenges for industrial packaging processes, whether the application requires case packers, top-loaders or cardboard box and tray erectors.

Previously, custom-manufactured grippers for each format were used on packaging machines – now VEE from Schmalz can be flexibly configured, and the process is made even faster and more convenient thanks to the Schmalz software that allows users to combine various flanges, connectors and suction cups to create an end effector in just a few clicks.

Users simply log on, enter workpiece specifications, number of suction cups, suction cup size, and desired gripper version. Next, the user only has to define the suction cup positions and the connection components such as robot flange plates and the flange module for vacuum feed. All of the components are perfectly coordinated.

“Configuring rather than designing” – that is the principle of this software, reducing the work required to design a gripper to a minimum: With the configurator, the VEE is created in less than ten minutes. This simple configuration method helps eliminate design flaws. Changes can be followed step by step using the preview in 3D view. The 3D model can be easily integrated into existing CAD design programs. After configuration, the user receives an e-mail that includes a parts list in PDF format and the complete CAD files, the parts list can then be used to order the end effector directly from the local Schmalz agent.

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