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Equipment, support and services from Air Liquide

Air Liquide is a preferred partner of food processors and says it is able to provide a full range of food processing gases, applications and equipment including Technical support and related services.

From the oxygenation of fish-breeding tanks to Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) using ALIGAL Gases, the company offers a ‘great’ variety of applications intended for all sectors of the food processing industry, from producers to distributors.

Good control of refrigeration using Cryogenics is the best way of ensuring the quality of food products during production and transport, says Air Liquide and the company has developed refrigeration and quick-freezing equipment which uses liquid Nitrogen (-196C ) or Carbon Dioxide snow (-78C ). These natural and environment-friendly products enable ‘ultra-fast cooling and quick-freezing’ of foods.
ALIGAL is a line of food processing packaging gases specifically developed to preserve the quality and freshness of customer’s products.

There is an ALIGAL solution for each food or application, which includes gas, technology and service. Air Liquide is able to recommend the ideal atmosphere and processing equipment for individual product and provide training and assistance from worldwide research centres to keep up-to-date with new solutions.

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