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Ever struggled to get a brush off the grinder?

Everyone who has done a lot of work with wire brushes mounted on angle grinders knows that they can be hard to remove resulting in unnecessary downtime. Furthermore as you struggle with a spanner sometimes your hand can slip and hit the guard leading to cuts or bruised knuckles.

The engineers at Talus Industries NZ Limited, makers of Dixbro wire brushes, understand this well. Therefore they have come up with a simple solution - the special AFTTM insert fitted to the brush which provides a flexible barrier between the brush and the grinder spindle and absorbs the excess energy. As a result even after heavy use the brush removal is easy and safe. Another safety aspect of the insert is its ability to absorb some of the shock from the brush “biting” into the edges of the workpiece.

The blind field trials also indicate that the AFTTM insert may even help to absorb some vibrations from the brush working on an uneven surface and therefore help to improve the operator comfort. The company is now exploring this hypothesis further.

The patent pending AFTTM insert is now becoming a standard feature on all Dixbro cup and bevel brushes with M14 thread. Ph: 027 3955954 e-mail:




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