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Exceptional blower efficiency from Kaeser
Exceptional blower efficiency from Kaeser

Remarkably quiet, yet highly efficient: energy-saving screw blowers from Kaeser Compressors for the low-pressure range are now available in three sizes. Featuring an integrated Sigma 2 Controller, optimum performance is also ensured at all times and helps provide a dependable supply of quality compressed air that is also compatible with the future-oriented ‘Industry 4.0’ philosophy.

Kaeser’s DBS, EBS and FBS series screw blowers prove that the tried and trusted technology which already powers Kaeser’s compressor ranges to deliver significant energy savings, can also be successfully applied to the low-pressure range, says the manufacturer. The new Kaeser screw blowers are up to 35 percent more efficient compared to conventional rotary blowers, promises Kaeser, yet they also outclass other comparable screw and turbo blowers through their significant energy advantages.
The rotors are uncoated so users can be assured that their outstanding efficiency remains intact even after years of use. The data provided for the effective total energy consumption and usable flow capacity correspond precisely to the machines’ actual performance (as per the conservative tolerances provided for by Standard ISO 1217; measurements validated by TÜV-Süd). This ensures full transparency, with the savings calculated as a result of investing in the equipment actually being realised.  
For optimal performance, the integrated Sigma Control 2 controller provides continuous and comprehensive monitoring, and allows straightforward connection of each machine to a communications network. ‘Traffic light’ LED indicators show operational status at a glance. Along with plain text display, 30 selectable languages and soft-touch keys with icons, the Sigma Control 2 offers fully automated monitoring and control.

Where multiple blowers are being used, additional optimisation can be achieved by incorporating the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) master controller.
SAM 4.0 delivers more than just optimised blower air system efficiency. Thanks to its high level of data integration and multiple interface options, it can be easily integrated into advanced production, building and energy management systems, as well as Industry 4.0 environments.
Sectors such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, pulp and paper, textile and construction materials industries, and applications such as wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying systems and power generation, can all benefit from this innovative screw blower technology.
The new screw blowers feature an internal cooling system that makes the energy-intensive use of oil pumps and oil coolers superfluous. Furthermore, they feature a highly effective sealing concept that ensures long-term seal integrity, without the need for vacuum pumps.

The durability and reliability of the machines is also enhanced as a result of eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment and circulating oil lubrication. Cooling and process air are drawn in separately from outside the machine enclosure, which not only provides greater usable air mass flow for the same power consumption, but also ensures optimum cooling and efficiency.
All three sizes of screw blowers from Kaeser are complete turnkey machines. Installation is therefore “a breeze” presenting a truly ‘plug-and-play’ proposition and significantly reducing the work and costs required for planning, installation, certification, documentation and commissioning. Delivered as user-friendly, turnkey systems, Kaeser screw blowers simply need to be installed in position, and connected to the air distribution network and the electrical supply. A clever component layout further allows the units to be installed directly next to a wall or side by side, making them ideal where space is at a premium, says the company. 

The DBS, EBS and FBS series screw blowers deliver flow rates from 6 to 67 m3/min with a pressure differential up to
1.1 bar; drive powers range from 22 to 110 kW.  


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