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Experts in spray technology
Experts in spray technology

With over 79 years of experience, Spraying Systems Co.® has become the world’s leading supplier of spray technology and spray related products for the manufacturing industry.
Minimising set times, saving on expensive lubricants and increasing production rates are just a few of the goals processors strive for. The skilled engineers at Spraying Systems Co. developed highly efficient systems with these objectives in mind. The systems are suitable for the application of lubricants and corrosion protection fluids on coils, blanks, pipe sections and stamping or forming tools.

The AutoJet® Spray Lubrication Systems are designed to improve lubrication consistency and decrease lubricant waste with little to no misting.  

The L210 and P400 systems consist of a base unit and a coil lubricator.  The systems utilise easy-to-use PLC technology to provide precise control of the pump that delivers lubricant to the spray nozzles allowing for amounts to be set with a high degree of accuracy, thus minimising the environmental impact.

The L210 system is ideal for light types of media such as emulsions or vanishing oils. The hydraulic spray nozzles used are able to cover a substantial width due to their flat spray pattern thus making them a very economical choice.
The P400 system is ideal for high viscosity media or for applications that require an even film. The system utilises air atomising spray nozzles which each have a needle that precisely opens and closes the nozzle with each spray pulse. This effectively cleans the nozzle orifice of any residue or debris.

If you require an efficient chain lubrication system, the AccuJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler system is the ideal choice. Two great benefits of the system include a reduction in chain breaks and an increase in oil savings.
The system uses electrostatic nozzles to apply chain lubricant to key points of the chain with tremendously high transfer efficiency. The nozzles eliminate oil mist which creates a safer work environment for operators. The system’s low-flow injector pumps can deliver lubricant to as many as four electrostatic spray nozzles simultaneously.  
For more information about our lubrication systems, contact the experts at Spraying Systems Co. today. 

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