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Extensive range features explosion protection as standard
Extensive range features explosion protection as standard

The J D Neuhaus extensive range of handling equipment, including hoists and cranes, is all engineered for extremes, providing safe operation in dust-laden atmospheres or other explosion-hazardous areas such as the chemical manufacture and processing environments. All JDN products, which include both compressed air and hydraulically operated units, are Explosion Protected as Standard, promises the manufacturer.

This ensures that all JDN products are safe for continuous and long-term operation in potentially explosive chemical atmospheres as well as the more insidiously dangerous conditions where high levels of airborne dusts exist. 

The easy-to-use Profi TI hoist range is a workhorse for the industrial and commercial world. The operating air supply can be set at 4 or 6 bar pressure, with a standard load lift height of three metres being provided throughout. Other optional lift height requirements can also be specified and accommodated as required.

The Profi TI range of air-operated hoists offers 19 models providing lift capacities from 250kg up to an ‘impressive’ 100 tonnes. These incorporate many years of design and development, and have successfully proved their versatility and universal reliability following installations within a wide range of light, medium and heavy duty industrial workplaces, says JDN. Their compressed air power supply is also utilised for control functions; it does not initiate sparks, so providing an unbeatable advantage when hoists are operating in potentially explosive atmospheres. Even greater safety can be achieved by the prevention of sparks generated by static discharges or metal to metal friction contacts.

Standard versions of JDN hoists and crane systems (which utilise Profi TI hoists for lift operations) have the explosion protection / classifications and markings EX II 2 GD IIA T4 / II 3 GD IIB T4.

Increased spark protection can be achieved because of copper galvanisation plating of the hoist bottom block and load hooks, together with fitting brass safety catches to achieve a rating of EX II 2 GD IIB T4.

Further spark protection for explosion group IIC is possible because the hoist horizontal movement trolleys incorporate running wheels and travel gearing, which are manufactured in bronze for an impressive EX II 2 GD IIC T4 rating.

All Profi TI hoists incorporate a top suspension hook, with optional overhead trolleys to accommodate lateral movement of suspended loads. Three trolley options incorporate load traverse movements combined with precise load positioning. One trolley is manually operated for horizontal movement of the suspended load. A second trolley has a manually operated reel chain mechanism for lateral load movements. The third motorised trolley provides traverse as well as load raise and lower movements, together with precise load positioning, utilising compressed air power. All trolley systems can negotiate overhead rail curvatures, with trolleys optionally fitted with rack and pinion drives for safe load handling on offshore platforms and sea going vessels. For installations with overhead space constrictions, a low headroom trolley option is also available, suitable for loads up to six tonnes.

The hoists are all 100 percent duty rated with unlimited duty cycles, minimising any downtime conditions. Compact modern design eliminates any protruding control hoses or similar external parts susceptible to damage, making the Profi range suitable for horizontal pulling. These standard hoists are also insensitive to atmospheric dust or humidity and can withstand working temperatures ranging from  20°C to +70°C. Their patented, low maintenance vane motor brake systems ensure fail-safe starting and positive braking, while also being low maintenance as well as providing lube-free operation. Various pendant controls can be fitted for sensitive, single speed, multi-function or remote control operation. These design-led hoists also provide strong, fast and silent operation combined with high performance efficiency and reliability even when operating at high lifting and lowering speeds. The compact hoist designs ensure minimum product dead-weight, and when operating with loads from one tonne upwards also feature overload protection as standard. 

Selected models from the range of air operated hoists and trolleys can be supplied with nickel plated components for clean room operations and other specialist applications that also require hygienic working conditions or washdown facilities. These include chemical and pharmaceutical production establishments, together with the food and drink industries covering all aspects of both handling and product manufacture.

Models currently available in the nickel-plated range include the Profi TI hoists with 0.5 and one tonne lift capacities, together with a big-bag handling unit with a rated one tonne lift. A low headroom trolley hoist of one tonne capacity is also available, designed for operation in areas of low headroom capacity. Profi hoists utilised with trolleys for overhead rail mounting include both manual operated (type LN) and motorised (type LM) trolleys, which have been subject to appropriate nickel-plating treatment for use in hygienically critical areas. 

For less severe operations, the JDN Mini hoist range is available for light – medium lifting requirements. There are four models with individual lift capacities of 125/250/500 and 980kg, with manipulator variations available for single-handed operation during lift/lower/traverse and even final load positioning operations.

Hydraulically operated versions of the JDN Profi range are also available, with hoists specifically designated for operation within unique working conditions. These include hoists available with compressed air or hydraulic operation, which are suitable for underwater work. These specialised hoists have been utilised in subsea conditions to provide weightless underwater movements of suspended loads. Typical operations have included the replacement of a 45-tonne replacement rudder blade for a cargo ship while remaining at sea.

Overhead monorail air hoists with air or hydraulic drives include 11 models with lift capacities from 10-100 tonnes. Ultra-low headroom versions are available for lifting operation up to 100 tonnes and include specialised products for BOP handling up to 200 tonnes. There are hoists for specialised lifting in cryogenic conditions down to temperatures of -45°C.

Full crane systems together with self-assembly crane kits can be provided for onshore/offshore operations with optional compressed air/hydraulic drives. These products can be supplied to suit individual customer requirements including jib cranes, plus top running and underhung overhead travelling cranes. 

All JDN products are covered by a worldwide service for annual checks, inspection and repair together with complete overhaul and installation facilities.


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