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Food safety is a top priority

There has been a few food product recalls of late published in media as well as the settling of a high profile food contamination case. 

A recent report undertaken by international firm PwC also lists the top 10 food supply and integrity issues and near the top of the list is scandals and increasing scrutiny and rising food standards. With this in mind EQM’s Anthony Bloxham says it’s important to ensure you have the highest of quality and performing food equipment and at the top of the list is stainless steel. 

“They don’t harbour bacteria, are more hardwearing and can withstand humidity, moisture and corrosion. They really lift the performance of the entire production process,” he says. 

EQM stocks the ABI range of stainless steel gear motors which are perfect for the food processing sector as they can withstand high water pressure (1400PSI) and incredibly hot water (maximum 80°C). 

“This is important when it comes to food hygiene and the sterilisation of equipment as they can tolerate extreme changes in humidity and temperature.” 

Stainless Steel gear boxes have been the perfect solution to stopping an ongoing corrosion issue with a meat plant’s gearboxes. Constant cleans and wash downs led to the plant having to regularly replace gear boxes to keep operating and meet hygiene standards. 

Not only did the stainless steel gearbox provide the best solution to prevent corrosion but as it has a universal mount – it was able to fit perfectly into the same place as the inferior existing gear box. 

A chicken processing plant is plucking more chickens without worrying about production downtime from breakdowns to motors and gearboxes since installing the EQMi stainless steel motors. The motor casing is smooth, can be easily cleaned and with extra special seals it resists the risk of water penetrating into the motor. 

For the top ten food supply and safety issues click here: 

If you’re thinking of replacing your motors and gearboxes or upgrading with stainless steel contact EQM Industrial on 0800147847 

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