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Giving the customer what they want
Giving the customer what they want

Vertigo Technologies designs, develops and manufactures desktop manufacturing equipment. Based out of the Epic innovation centre in Westport, was founded by three people in early 2016. The company has now grown to a team of seven in just over a year and has seen the release of two products to market, the GEM_XYZ CNC a beta to the now available Vertigo CNC.  

The GEM_XYZ was a belt driven small consumer grade CNC machine, only a few units were released for sale. The Vertigo Technologies team then worked with those customers to get their feedback and used that so they could design a machine to fit what their customers really wanted. By taking on board this valuable feedback they have managed to cut down their time spent developing significantly, and as thanks for providing them with this valuable information Vertigo Tech has promised to swap out all existing GEM_XYZ machines with their redeveloped Vertigo CNC.

The new Vertigo CNC is lead screw driven and features their own Smoothieware based controller and with a more compact design and a bigger cutting area. The Vertigo CNC outperforms all other similar CNCs currently on the market. The Vertigo CNC is perfect for anyone who is looking a getting into CNC machining. They have designed the Vertigo CNC to be simple and easy to use, they do all the assembly for you, the Vertigo CNC is shipped ready to use right out of the box delivered to your door. 

Vertigo Technologies also specialises in custom projects providing custom-built CNCs to fit a variety of purposes. They also recently worked on the giant street arcade in Christchurch in conjunction with Gap Filler and Cerebral Fix and supplied most of the computer hardware and controller for the project.

Vertigo Technologies see a real opportunity to make desktop manufacturing solutions more readily available. They have a real passion for the industry and want to find ways to get more people interested and excited about desktop fabrication, design and development.  


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