Ground mounting odour filters for pumping stations

PUMP & Valve Specialties recommends the GM odour filter for installation on top of air valves, sewer manholes or pump stations – to treat gaseous emissions released at those sites.

The GM odour filter absorbs all foul odours including hydrogen sulphide, using an environmentally friendly natural mineral and an oxidising chemical.

A replacement media cartridge is also available and is safely and easily installed.

Many odour problems occur during peak flows, which generally occur for periods of around two to three hours in the morning and again in the evening. This explains why by the time Council staff reach the site of an odour complaint, the odour is no longer noticeable. Peak flows create greater turbulence causing the increased release of biogases, particularly H2S. At the same time the extra displacement of sewage flow causes the gases to be forced from the confined space of the manhole or pump station. The gases find their way into the atmosphere via gaps in lids etc, thus resulting in odour complaints.

Installation is easy. The odour filters are mounted at ground level and only require a 100-150mm hole to be cored in the manhole lid or pump station roof. The filter is then mounted over the cored hole. A successful installation requires that lids and any other escape routes be efficiently sealed, leaving emission via the filter as the only escape option.

GM odour filters are also easily and safely recharged. Longevity of the filter’s effectiveness depends on the amount of gases passing through it. Once the filter is saturated, a replacement filter cartridge is available. The filter media is a combination of various grades of a natural mineral along with a very small amount of an oxidising chemical.

The GM odour filter is not a mask. It actually absorbs the biogases, particularly H2S, thus preventing their escape into the surrounding environment. The filter comprises three components; the filter housing, media cartridge and a robust, secure, lockable outer housing.


There is also a version for mounting to an existing vent pipe. However, the ground mount version avoids the inconvenience and cost of a ‘cherry picker’ needed for installation and maintenance of a vent mounted unit.•

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