H-series loaders ideal for quarry

OPTIMIZE every load. That’s how you make more money. And that’s what New Zealand Caterpillar dealer Goughs is saying quarry customers can count on from the new Caterpillar H-Series wheel loaders. Goughs introduced three different wheel loader models to New Zealand late last year – the 950H, 966H and 980H.
The first Caterpillar H-Series wheel loader was sold to well known Central Hawkes Bay agricultural lime and phosphate specialist Hatuma Lime Company Ltd.
Managing director, Clifford Topp says the Cat 950H was purchased as a replacement machine to a 950G that had been leased for 8000 hours. The 950H is powered by an ACERT technology Cat C-7 engine with net power of 147kW (197hp) and joins the existing fleet of a 950F, two 950Gs, and a 962G; which are all equipped with Loadrite onboard weighing systems, and expected to do 2000 hours per year.
The loader features a 3.1cubic metre material handling bucket and is fitted with a Load Sensing Hydraulic System that results in more controllability, less effort and greater productivity.
“The general public will see little of the 950H, but it will be at the heart of Hatuma’s operations, and is expected to have a very busy life,” says Topp. “Its duties will include pushing harvested lime into the large storage sheds, loading the feeder hoppers, and very importantly, the manufacture of dicalcic phosphate fertiliser.
“Because of this workload, the loader needs absolute reliability, minimum downtime, be able to cater for multiple operators, and have a high level of ruggedness for specific uses such as back-blading and breaking lumps with the bucket,” explains Topp.
“All the 950Gs have Command Control Steering, a huge improvement on the old system, and the 950H uses that same technology to maximise operator efficiency.” Command Control Steering offers precise control, quick response and reduced fatigue for the loader operator.
Topp points out the Cat 950H offers further improvements that build on an already highly specified G-Series. These include a quieter operating environment, plenty of synchronised power, and an easier system for locking access to the cockpit door.
“2007 is the 75th year Hatuma Lime has successfully been in business, and in tradition with Cat wheel loaders, Hatuma can see no reason why the 950H could not remain an important part of the fleet when we bring up a century of operation in 25 years time.”
Other new models in the Cat H-Series Wheel Loader range are the larger 966H and 980H. The 966H is powered by a Cat C-11 producing 195kW (262hp) while the 980H operates a powerful Cat C-15 producing 237kW (318hp).

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