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Hey Maintenance workers! There’s a new head turner in the office, and it’s amazingly easy to use

Turning heads... you don’t get that while dragging around your ladder. Unless of course you fall off or scrape a wall and then heads turn, just when you don’t want attention!
There are many perils when working off a ladder. Like balancing the best you can on a rung, with both hands overhead and a couple of tools balanced on the top step.

Something gets bumped and the tool you need next clangs as it bounces off the rungs below and ends up under someone’s desk, under a fridge or somewhere semi inaccessible.

Thankfully ladders are now being replaced. Construction sites and factories, are changing their equipment. You will find more mobile scaffolds, scissor lifts etc. on construction sites because they are fast and efficient even if they do take up more space. Factories have modular platforms, or elevated work platforms. The Equiptec VRS range is a winner and provides many efficiencies for both factory and construction workers that they never had with their ladders.

But for the office, inside a finished building? Whether it be an electrician servicing lights, a sprinkler installer, air-conditioning serviceman, or a building caretaker that needs to get to anything at any time, the options aren’t easy. Try pushing around a platform; it’s hard enough getting your ladder around some of those corners isn’t it?

In a commercial building, there’s a multitude of areas needing regular maintenance, and in the past ladders have been the only practical way to reach many places in offices, kitchens, and other tight spots.

However, help is here! There is now a much more efficient and practical solution with the new “Elevah 40” electric self-drive platform. These are a compact EWP, designed for tight places and jobs up to 4.0m high (2.0m standing height). Take it into a lift, through a standard doorway, down passageways, almost anywhere you walk. And there’s less chance of knocking off your tools, with the generous 20kg rated tool tray.

Quick, manoeuvrable, transportable, compact, and very roomy to work on,” Elevah 40” is a winner for any maintenance person that has had to drag a ladder around and set it up all day long.

These, promises Equiptec, are really cool! If you work at height and need to be able to get to anything at any time, they are the height access vehicle for you, it says.
So to take efficiency and safety to a new level contact Equiptec for a test drive at your site.

P.S. warns Equiptec, these are addictive; you won’t want to get off!

Details,, Ph: 0800 84 00 00





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