High performance crate washers

MIMASA manufactures a range of compact, self contained crate washers which are ideally suited for all types of food manufacturers and processors. The machines are designed to clean plastic crates from 200 up to 800 crates per hour. The crate washers are fully self contained in stainless steel cabinets and equipped with a rotary self cleaning filter, spray pumps, automatic water level control and variable speed chain drive which permits perfect washing water recovery with excellent results. 

One of the more important features is the rotary filter. By filtering off the impurities from the wash tank, you can achieve longer washing times on recycled water. The result is not only higher washing quality and lower water consumption but also reduced consumption of cleaning agents and energy. Several options can be selected such as detergent and disinfectant dosing pumps, steam extractor fan, automatic stop of the machine when no crates are washed, adjustable lateral and top guides, crates counter, blowing or drying modules, and so on.

Mimasa crate washers can be easily integrated into any transport system or can work as a stand-alone unit. The machines are automated to provide a combination of time (dissolving time), temperature (heating of the crate), concentration (amount of chemical agents) and mechanical effect (nozzle impact on the crate, due to the flow and pressure) to the process. 

Mimasa crate washing machines can be designed to specific needs, from washing to drying tunnels.

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