HMPS announced winner at Impact Awards 2017

HMPS scooped the winning trophy at the Impact Awards 2017 held in Adelaide on 28 September 2017.

HMPS was among a group of eight finalists out of a group of forty entries who had been judged by international business leaders to determine who would best represent South Australia’s future for globalisation. HMPS is recognised as having the capability to have a significant impact on global markets and generate high-value opportunities for South Australia’s economy.

The judges were impressed by the year on year growth, advancement and ambition of HMPS. As a business, it is an exceptionally well run and managed enterprise, with a leadership team who understand the market and how to add value to customers.

In accepting the award, Mark Emmett, Executive Chairman for HMPS praised the team and said that his vision for the company was always to provide jobs and a future for the young people of South Australia. Today the company employs 55 people from its head office and main production facility in Adelaide.

HMPS provides customised packaging solutions which are based on highly advanced robotic systems for manufacturing companies who must compete globally. “The technology also recognises that to truly compete against lower-cost manufacturers, product quality and production line efficiency must also feature strongly. Their mission is to help manufacturing companies in high-cost economies remain competitive and indeed thrive against low-cost economies.

“As HMPS grows, our requirements for highly skilled engineers, technicians and other qualified people will provide a boost for the local economy. There are significant opportunities for the company to take on new markets and generate prosperity for its own health, customers and for the good of South Australia” says Mark.

The award comes on the back of HMPS being named as one of the Top 100 companies in South Australia. According to Emmett, they are focused on growing HMPS and the manufacturing sector of South Australia.


The Impact Awards is driven to assist with the globalisation of the South Australian economy, by focusing on companies with the greatest global potential to increase their impact on world markets. This is where our ambassadors, who are recognised international leaders, step into the frame. They are here to open up new opportunities, provide access to their networks and their years of global expertise to help other local companies become world-beaters.

From a pool of nominated companies, the Ambassadors will select a group of winners to actively work with, in order to help accelerate globalisation with connections, knowledge and passion. It’s the ultimate prize for a company with global ambitions.

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