Holistic approach gets results

What do you get when you find a mechanical engineer who also has an interest in psychology?

You get someone who has what is probably a unique view of the workplace, what drives it, what cripples it, what makes it the place it is. You get someone who can provide an almost seamless blend of technology and human insights. You gain a workforce that is motivated, focussed and committed to a job that they know brings out their personal best. And best of all, you find that it is possible to do  eight and twelve hour shifts without any downtime and minimal wastage.

This is Sean Thomas and this is Tima Consulting, a company that most importantly recognises the human value of the workforce but also provides software to unite the two in a common goal. After many years of experience, observation and research the company has develop esCollate software, which offers real-time productivity feedback, meaning that workers can follow their individual progress and find their strengths and weaknesses. This is blame-free information the worker can pick up and run with, giving them goals they can achieve and the basis for a strong workplace relationships and high self-worth.

And it’s pretty jolly easy, says Thomas and takes only around half a day to get up and running. The software has a huge range of features and options that apply to just about every scenario. And if it doesn’t, it soon will, because every time Tima solves a need in a specific workplace, that solution gets added to the overall package, which makes it available to all clients to re-use or reconfigure as their own.

esCollate factory modelling includes analysis by machine, line, line area, route and factory area and provides support for varying shift patterns and product details specific to each product-route combination, allow complex operational activity to be accurately logged and reported.

Thomas says it is absolutely normal for a client to be surprised when they see they resulting data. Some are so astonished they think the data must be wrong. Most companies, he says, underestimate downtime, so it is not unusual for them to see a 20-30 percent bump in productivity in the first couple of months once they start using esCollate. After that, it is only a matter of time before there is zero downtime.  

The key is changing behaviours. Often leaders and teams are unaware that changes are needed but once they do – and often so easily – it is a light-bulb moment. The flow-on effect from the simple recognition that circumstances actually can be changed for the better good, builds both motivation and team building, says Thomas. It is not unusual, either, for such newly motivated teams to begin to compete against each other for even more personally satisfying results.

esCollate offers fast and simple data entry, with touch screen technology that easily captures key information as it happens and can eliminate most, if not all, paperwork, promises Thomas. Its real-time, two-way scheduling also eliminates paperwork and keeps both factory employees and the planner up to date and working as a team.

Tima Consulting has a proven track record of implementing effective change strategies that address both the human and cultural aspects of organisational performance, says Thomas and past clients include Fonterra, Hansells Food Group, Tasti Products, Colgate-Palmolive, Gallaghers and Masterfoods.   

Sean Thomas 
Tima Consulting Ltd. 
Mobile +64 21 543 130

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