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Innovative LOP vehicle fire suppression system
Innovative LOP vehicle fire suppression system

Due to a change in design and the popularity of market implementation of Loss of Pressure (LOP) in circuit activation for the Vehicle Fire Suppression market, Gates has identified opportunities that currently exist in the market to develop a new Red Fire Suppression series called ‘Barricade’ (BRFS), recommended for use in Loss-of-Pressure systems. 

“Our objective with the Barricade series is to offer a barrier layer with zero permeation,” said Gates’ Marketing Manager, Priscilla Robb. “Permeation of nitrogen can potentially trigger a LOP system, plus add additional cost from slow loss of nitrogen and subsequent recharging.”  

Newer LOP systems are activated by the loss of nitrogen, under pressure from a charged activation circuit. The Gates Red Fire Suppression hose is suitable for older style Rise-of-Pressure systems, where pressure is not sustained in the activation circuit; and is used by both systems in the foam delivery circuit.  

“We feel the development of the BRFS is a great opportunity to increase sales and market share into the Vehicle Fire Suppression market,” said Robb. “The end-markets of 3E – energy, exploration and extraction and agriculture and infrastructure will benefit greatly from a system such as this.”  

The Gates BRFS Hose will comprise of a tube with a thermoplastic barrier lining, carbon steel wire braid reinforcement, a nitrile/PVC cover, a working temperature of -40°C - +100°C and a 500 PSI working pressure.  

Gates has already received positive feedback on the BRFS Hose, with all testing having proved successful, along with the wire braid construction being well received, as it “promotes a robust construction over the competitor’s offerings,” said Robb.  “We’re confident that with major national hydraulic suppliers, we’ll make the most of the opening that currently exists.”

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