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Intuitive monitoring
Intuitive monitoring

Easy to use, reliable speed monitoring and standstill detection. Slim housing and DIN rail mounting, easy setting and a wide operating voltage feature in the new speed detection units from ifm electronic as a convenient and cost-effective method of protecting rotating equipment.  

The new D200 series monitor units will take inputs from standard sensors, usually inductive or magnetic sensors, and simply switch a relay contact if the detected speeds either drop below or exceed set point values.

One unit accepts an input rate up to 1,000Hz or 2,000Hz, allowing operators to decide on both the switch point and the difference needed before the output resets (hysteresis).  

Up to 15 seconds of start-up delay prevent trips before a machine has ramped up to operating speed. And if this is not enough, an external ‘enable’ signal can override the delay. All the settings are by simple potentiometer adjustment.
The D200 series will operate on standard 110/230vAC or 24vDC, and supply power to the pickups. These can be three-wire or two-wire electronic sensors.  

ifm electronic is committed to working closely with its customers and develops products which precisely match their needs. The company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm electronic products.

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