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Keep cool and save with Tru-Strip

Now is definitely the time of the year to be thinking about replacing or repairing your strip curtains to save energy.

You can easily restrict temperature loss and save money with Tru-Strip cool store strip curtains.

The curtains use thermally resistant, heavy-duty PVC to minimise temperature loss or gain, and control air movement at freezer and cool store entry and exit points.

The system is also proven to inhibit airborne pollutants such as dust and fumes, while lowering noise levels by up to 35db.

Tru-Strip curtains come as a pre-cut kitset with all necessary fastenings – simple and easy to install. Safety marker strips are standard features on 200mm and 300mm curtains to reduce forklift damage to door openings.
There are 14 different types of PVC Strip available and it comes in a kitset for ease of delivery to your site.


Call Tru-Bilt Industries on 0800 144 999 or check out





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