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Kleeblower L model

Klee has designed a special model of side channel blowers with lower bearing temperature that ensures a long bearing life. The Lmodel is with power up to 3, 4 kW and performance ranges up to 372m3 /h and differential pressure up to 280mbar.

L model Features 

  • Lower bearing temperature. 
  • Extended grease life in bearings. 
  • Less maintenance. 
  • Grease-free environment in the blower housing. 
  • Excellent for vertical blower installation. 

Special design 
The front bearing is outside the blower housing between the motor and the blower house with an extended aluminum bearing hub. The fan of the motor cools down the extended hub that ensures an optimal cooling of the bearing. 

Longer operation life 
The external bearing design allows the bearings to operate in low temperature that causes fast heat dissipation and uniform loading capacity. The bearing grease is more durable allowing longer maintenance intervals. 

The L series design is ideally suited for long service applications often seen in 

  • Wastewater treatment odour removal air movement 
  • Aeration in cooling baths/plating baths 
  • Vacuum transfer systems 

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