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Large benefits with small online condition monitoring
Large benefits with small online condition monitoring

Condition monitoring using hand held vibration data collectors has been a steadily growing trend within industry both here and globally.  Where more critical applications are involved or where the frequency of collecting information is needed to be much higher, continuous online systems are installed to monitor readings such as vibration, temperature and speed. More data can provide better trending and understanding of the application and allow early detection and identification of faults, however online systems can be large and costly.

Only pay for the monitoring you need

If you can spot equipment issues before they become problems, everything runs more smoothly. With the ability to collect data from up to 10 sensors and increased Modbus capabilities, SKF Multilog IMx-8 gathers the essential data that tells you exactly how your machines are performing. What’s more, you can get direct access to world-class software, analytics and support through SKF @ptitude or SKF Enlight. Delivering the essential knowledge you need to avoid downtime and increase system availability.

Configure and monitor from your iOS and Android device

The compact SKF Multilog IMx-8 unit can be configured via Bluetooth and monitored with mobile devices, and can use existing machine template configurations stored in the SKF Cloud. With easy wireless connectivity, field teams no longer need to carry laptops to complete setup or carry out monitoring. USB, Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP & RS 485 communication options in conjunction with crash detection capability makes it ideal for machine tool monitoring applications.

Use as a stand-alone device

In stand-alone mode, the compact SKF Multilog IMx-8 can be used without the need for connection to a central software system or external data communications. It continuously measures and stores machine data for later analysis, with real time alarm indication. The IMx-8 is big on performance with more functionality than larger units, featuring 4 GB of internal memory capable of storing a year’s worth of machine data and event storage. Real time machine data can be displayed via an operator’s mobile device. For operations with flexible monitoring requirements, it’s a cost effective solution for obtaining high-value machine intelligence.

Fit monitoring where it didn’t it before

Space is less of a barrier with SKF Multilog IMx-8. At 104 × 173 × 40 mm, it’s the same size as a paperback book, so it fits easily into smaller spaces, opening opportunities to save cost and make installation easy by utilising existing instrumentation cabinets. The unit features power over Ethernet capability, which can further simplify and reduce installation time and cost.

Integrate and expand as you need

Whether you need to monitor a single machine or an entire plant, SKF Multilog IMx-8 is the solution that scales to it. It’s compact and cost-effective enough for a single installation, yet also integrates easily with other IMx products or systems to provide a complete picture of your machine health. IMx-8 is available as a DIN-rail mounted unit or housed in an IP65 cabinet, and has all the relevant certificates for the wind and marine industries.

Tap into unmatched condition monitoring expertise

With SKF Multilog IMx-8 you can get direct access to world-class software, analytics and support. Through cloud-enabled services you can diagnose faults and visualise data, as well
as connecting directly with SKF experts, providing you with the support that helps you make sure your equipment performs at its best, all of the time. 

Confidence built-in

Over the years SKF’s IMx solutions have earned a reputation for dependable performance.Our customers can be confident in a level of monitoring that not only meets their needs
but also matches the toughest industry standards.  


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