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Laser precision infrared cameras

Fluke has launched infrared camera models Ti200, Ti300 and Ti400 with advanced connectivity and accuracy to maximise technicians’ productivity in the field.
The new infrared cameras feature LaserSharp auto focus, which uses a laser to pinpoint exactly where the camera should focus for precisely focused images every time.
The units can connect to the Fluke CNX wireless system, letting them be used as a main unit to view live measurements of up to five wireless modules (e.g. AC current or voltage modules) on screen and integrate the data into the infrared image.
The infrared cameras feature wireless connectivity to easily transfer images directly to PCs, an iPad or iPhone that can then be imported into Fluke SmartView software for analysing infrared images and producing reports.
The cameras also integrate wirelessly with the new Fluke SmartView mobile app for iPhone and iPad.
The infrared cameras are Bluetooth-ready and include wireless connectivity to GPS positioning and recording, and streaming video.
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