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The latest innovation from Equiptec The Leopard

Equiptec is a Napier-based company with a vision to develop solutions that will better their customers’ working environments and maximise their safety and productivity on the job. Equiptec recognises that every worksite is different and conditions constantly changing, which is why its products specifically address the challenges many industries face on a daily basis. 

The Leopard is the latest addition to Equiptec’s Vertical Raise Stair (VRS) range. A natural evolution from the Giraffe and Monkey versions, the Leopard is a portable height adjustable step platform. 

“Feedback from users of our existing product lines highlighted the need for us to develop a version that offered the platform reach of the Giraffe series coupled with the manoeuvrability of our popular Monkey range,” says Equiptec Managing Director Bruce Senior. “Clients told us that they wanted a version that could easily be used by one person that was able to be walked from room to room.” 

The Leopard provides a huge 1.3 metres of true cantilever; meaning that it can nose its way into many difficult-to-get-to places, whilst offering easy, constant grade access. The wide deck makes previously awkward, dangerous and time-consuming jobs easy, safe, and very efficient. There is plenty of room to work on the large roomy platform that will handle up to 200kgs working load limit (200 WLL).  

Like all products in the VRS range, critical items are all built utilising pinpoint laser accuracy, and welded together by highly-experienced welders in compliance with New Zealand and Australian standards to achieve a product that you can believe in. The Leopard is certified to the appropriate AS/NZS standards. Equiptec is very confident of the quality of its product and therefore the Leopard comes with a ‘whopping’ five-year warranty. 

The four wheels provide for simple and easy manoeuvrability, with the Leopard easily moved and positioned by only one person. No specific training is required to operate the Leopard, with no EWP licence needed or annual certification required. The unit provides outstanding stability and there is no need for users to wear a harness. 

While Equiptec products may have reached new heights – and shores – it is still very much a Kiwi company with a vision to keep on developing.  It is, it says, fortunate to have the right people to do it with and the right place to create within.  


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