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The lightest linear guide in the world

Treotham has released the Igus Drylin W linear rails, made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which makes them extremely lightweight, stiff and non-magnetic. They are the lightest linear guides in their magnitude, which are available for up to 2000mm stroke.

The maintenance and lubricant free linear guide is suitable for the aircraft, medical, robotic and automotive industry, where weight savings are critical and can save a lot of money.

The whole rail, rather than just the support material, is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, and is up to 40% lighter than one with an aluminum rail and 60% lighter than one with a steel rail. It is also available as a completely metal-free toothed belt axis.

The new rails have been tested by Igus many times and have proved to provide optimum wear and friction coefficients in combination with carbon shafts, says the company.

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