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Make a date with Kaeser at SouthMACH
Make a date with Kaeser at SouthMACH: Industrie 4.0 compressed air systems seminar

The Maintenance Engineering Society of New Zealand has invited Kaeser Compressors NZ to run a seminar at SouthMACH 2017 on ‘Industrie 4.0’ compressed air systems.

Once again, SouthMACH – the South Island’s premier technology trade show – has invited the Maintenance Engineering Society of New Zealand (MESNZ) to run two seminars at the exhibition. One of these seminars will be on the topic of Industrie 4.0.

The way we manufacture is no doubt entering a new era led by the advances, networking and connectivity capabilities of production processes and technology. Coined Industrie 4.0, this new era presents a number of opportunities and benefits to manufacturers that choose to embrace this ‘factory of the future’.

Peter Eckberg, the Managing Director of Kaeser Compressors NZ Limited – a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest compressed air systems providers and compressor manufacturers – will be running the ‘Industrie 4.0: the future of manufacturing landscape’ seminar on behalf of the MESNZ.

Like the MESNZ, Kaeser Compressors is committed to supporting engineers on the ground. This has led to a strong association with the Society, including being the proud sponsor of the MESNZ Network Evening Series. These events bring members and interested parties alike together at local operations in a casual after hours atmosphere, to learn something about the host’s world and network with other engineers over light refreshments.

The ‘Industrie 4.0: the future manufacturing landscape’ seminar is being held at SouthMACH on Wednesday 24 May. Join the MESNZ and Kaeser Compressors at SouthMACH 2017, 24 – 25 May at the Horncastle Arena in Christchurch.   


For more information visit www.kaeser.co.nz or phone 0800 447 820.


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