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Maxair PE100 Compressed Air Pipe System

If you’re looking for a compressed air system that will go the distance, there’s one brand that stands out from the rest. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Maxair PE100 Compressed Air Pipe System in New Zealand. Over the last 20 years literally thousands of Maxair systems have been installed in New Zealand and Australia, and they’re as new.

So what makes Maxair a market leader in compressed air pipe systems? Well, the same features and benefits that the system boasted when it revolutionised the compressed air piping market back in 1995 are the same ones that continue to satisfy asset owners today. What other compressed air pipe system is; corrosion-free, simple and fast to install, easy to adapt, and very cost effective, as well as being manufactured from a food grade material, 100 percent UV resistant, with a smooth bore that gives higher flow rates, is available in a wide range of sizes up to 400mm, and is coloured blue for easy identification. Add a 50 Year Guarantee to all this and you’ve got a world-class pipe system that can’t be beaten.

The three extensive ranges of Maxair fittings – socket fusion, electrofusion or compression, all using the same pipe, offer the Designer/Engineer maximum design flexibility. The value to industry of a total package which is readily altered at any stage is inestimable. This system is ideally suited to today’s requirements for rapid installation. By installing a fully welded Maxair pipe system you are eliminating costly air leaks and investing in a compressed air pipe system that has stood the test of time!

Maxair is supplied by UPG Pipe System. UPG are specialists in the supply of corrosion-free piping systems. Their Stream PE100 pipe system is widely used throughout New Zealand for the reticulation of chilled water, condenser water, glycols, and a wide range of other fluids and gases.

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