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Mini DC electric linear actuator

The smallest DC powered electric linear actuators with features customised to suit your application are available in Australia. Pictured is a completely customised miniature electric linear actuator for positioning tasks.

By combining a 16mm 60W 24V brushless DC motor with an integrated radial and axial thrust block bearing system, the shaft is then manufactured directly as a ball screw assembly.

Despite the tiny dimensions available with motor diameters as low as 6mm the units can deliver high linear forces. This 16mm ball screw version delivered to an Australian customer this week has a force delivery capability of 403N.

Combined with the brushless motors’ high speed capability, having the ability to accelerate to 12,000rpm in under 2ms, the actuator is also extremely dynamic.

The motor is fitted with an integrated digital encoder for detent-free smooth positioning. The length of the ball screw and the nut details are all configurable to suit the machine design requirements.  

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