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New extraction system increases productivity

Renowned furniture manufacturers Accent Group have recently installed a new Egmont Air Dust Extraction System in their new Wellsford factory. After careful evaluation and analysis, Accent Group selected Egmont Air as their preferred supplier for the new dust extraction system. Accent Group have a long experience in the industry and were looking to combine operations from two separate locations to one central factory. A large selection of machinery and work processes were evaluated so an extraction system could be specified to provide optimum extraction for varying work processes. The Egmont Air system was supplied with the Eco-power device which provides live monitoring of the airflow requirements and automatically adjusts the fan suction to suit the machinery operating at any one time. This Egmont Air initiative provides a significant power saving and reduction in power consumption.

The new Egmont Air system features a large 800mm-diameter main duct, modular filter unit with discharge conveyor and rotaryvalve feeding a bin-loading fan. Dusts are collected in a hook-bin which allows easy removal and disposal of waste. Also important to Accent Group was the ongoing maintenance of the extraction unit. The new system features an automatic filter-sleeve cleaning function which maintains the filters in optimum working condition. A ‘post-clean’ sequence also occurs at each shut-down to ensure the filters are ready for next work shift and provides a guarantee for longevity and reliability of the system. Egmont Air dust extraction systems are a favourite solution for woodworking factories such as kitchen makers, joinery shops and timber processing plants that require a good value system that offers suction performance and energy savings. The company designed, supplied and installed the centralised system at Accent Group which consists of an externally mounted Filter system ducted directly to each machine. Specialising in wood dust extraction, Egmont Air offer an on-site evaluation service to calculate and measure the extraction requirements and airflows for all applications.

“Correct airflow and filter sizing is critical for optimum performance,” comments Cameron Prestidge from Egmont Air. Consideration must be given to the type and volume of dust collected, type of woodwork machinery operating and the ducting design so that the system will perform for years to come with minimal maintenance.

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