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The new Fluke Ti 450 Thermal Imager
The new Fluke Ti 450 Thermal Imager - rent it now from TechRentals

TechRentals continues to invest in new instruments, making them available to you for as little as the cost of one day’s rental. Our latest acquisition is the recently released Fluke Ti450 Thermal Imaging Camera.

This new model offers three main improvements over earlier models. The first is MultiSharp focus. Images are automatically focused throughout the field of view, even if you start from a completely blurry target. That's because the camera takes multiple images and combines them to give you clear, accurate focus on targets near and far. Simply point and shoot and you have a fully focused picture.

The second feature is SuperResolution allowing the camera to capture multiple images and combine them to create a 640 x 480 image, four times the pixel data of native 320 x 240 images. This provides you a higher level of detail to examine and verify all is as it should be, or spot those issues that need investigation.

The third new feature is 2x and 4x digital zoom without the use of telephoto lens. Whilst the above details the main new features, the excellent features of the other Fluke cameras carried by TechRentals remain, including; control over IR and visual light blending; Fluke SmartView software for analysing images and creating reports; video capture and streaming; visible laser targeting plus many more.

At TechRentals we carry these high quality, industrial Fluke cameras because their resolution, thermal sensitivity and adjustable emissivity allows the greatest possible detection of warning signs, whilst maintaining the ease of use and dependability that Fluke is renowned for. The Ti450 takes pride of place in our expanded range of Fluke Thermal Imaging cameras and is available now for rental to assist you to expand your capabilities without investing capital.

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