New generation single-point lubricators

INDUSTRIAL Lubricants and Services (ILS), a specialist lubricant importer and distributor, has been receiving great feedback on the latest Pulsarlube single point lubricators.
ILS general manager Pat Prendergast, says the beauty of both versions (The V type and M type) is that they allow operators to lubricate difficult to get to areas of machinery, and apply lubrication when production can’t be halted.
“The Pulsarlube single-point lubricators provide reliable and accurate dispensing of grease for a wide range of industrial applications. Both types are available with five different grease types, and the LCD displays make them easy to use.”
The Pulsarlube V uses inert nitrogen gas to pressure the piston. It has variable dispensing rates from one to 12 months and is controlled by a microprocessor to ensure reliable operation. It is available in 250cc capacity and installation is simple.
The V lubricator is ideal for applications where contamination is present and could cause bearing damage; or for areas where access is limited and/or inspection is infrequent. It also suits wet or corrosive applications.
The V type lubricator is the OEM specification for all rotary platforms manufactured by Milfos International. Paul Middlemiss, Milfos operations manager says, “we have been using this lubrication unit on our rotary glands and beams for the past 8 to ten months and have found this to be a great move in getting improved reliability in the lubrication of key Milfos components.”
The Pulsarlube M uses a vertical feed pump to load the replaceable pouch of grease (125cc or 250cc).This grease dispenser has an operating pressure of 280psi – powerful enough to feed up to eight points – and it is designed to operate across a wide temperature range, with grease types ranging from multi-purpose to food grade.
ILS has a portfolio of more than 900 different lubricant products – covering a broad range of industries, including automotive, marine, rail, food, metal-working, steel and timber.







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