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New, highly compact DIN rail mount AC-UPS
New, highly compact DIN rail mount AC-UPS

Global electrical engineering manufacturer and innovator, Phoenix Contact, has released a new, space-saving DIN Rail Mount AC-UPS solution to deliver uninterruptible AC power to critical loads in automation and shipping environments. 

The Phoenix Contact TRIO2G AC-UPS is state-of-the-art, says the manufacturer. The industry-leading compact design incorporates a UPS module and battery in the one housing to help save on space. At just 210wx170h, the device can be installed quickly and easily. It can be latched onto the DIN rail with maximum ease thanks to its low installation depth or wall mounted and comes with ‘hassle-free’ push-in connectors. 

For user flexibility, Phoenix Contact’s industrial-grade TRIO2G AC-UPS is available in two versions – 120V AC and 230V AC. Both devices provide a highly reliable and smooth ride-through during power outages to prevent work interruptions and data loss. The pure sine curve at the output enables a seamless transition as the battery operation runs in sync with the mains previously used for the supply. 

The built-in 3.4 Ah battery offers a maximum of 600 W for 1.5 minutes. If required, additional capacity can be mounted onto the DIN rail to increase the time to four minutes at full load. The power storage device features maintenance-free VRLA technology and as a special feature TRIO2G AC-UPS devices also allow remote start up directly from the power storage, and without mains input, says Phoenix Contact.                                     

The TRIO2G AC-UPS can be operated at temperatures ranging from 0ºC to 40ºC.  The devices also provide comprehensive signalling. To ensure the TRIO2G AC-UPS units are always up and running, they have LED status indicators for signalling and function monitoring.  Three digital outputs provide remote monitoring, and two digital inputs provide visual indication for remote shutdown and start-up. Wired into the control cabinet, the three signal contacts can be read by a programmable logic controller. 

Apart from signal contacts, the Phoenix Contact TRIO2G AC-UPS models come with a mini USB port. This can be used to configure the UPS and to command a controlled shut down of an industrial PC following a defined period of time to avoid data loss, corruption or downtime. For permanent connection to an industrial PC or higher-level controller, Phoenix Contact offers a USB cable with a knurled screw connection suitable for continuous connection to the UPS. 

Designed for demanding automation applications, the devices have all necessary certifications, are rugged and robust, and can be relied upon to delivery uninterrupted power as well as peace of mind. 


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