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New mixer solves solid build-up problems
New mixer solves solid build-up problems

A revolutionary method of mixing large tanks or ponds is now available from Numedic Ltd, a long established agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Rotorua.

The Numedic Pond Mixer (NZ Patent No. 608826) has been designed to eliminate the problems of material build up and lack of agitation in large holding ponds in the commercial and rural sector.  The design enables the pond mixer to mix the contents of any shaped pond or tank quickly and efficiently.  

The mixer is positioned in the centre of the pond or tank on either a fixed bracket or a floating platform.  There are two important components of the mixer and they are the opposed mixer blades pointing downwards at 45 degrees and the lower mixing unit.  The mixer blades draw the liquid towards the mixer creating a highly efficient mixing action.  The secret is in the blade angle and design.  Blade speeds are selected depending on the pond or tank dimensions and viscosity of the liquid. 

The lower mixing unit, incorporating both propellers, rotates through 360 degrees and eight positions ensuring all of the liquid is mixed.  The length of time in each position can be programmed to suit the shape of the pond or tank. This results in no unmixed areas where solids will build up.  Propeller speeds and the lower mixer unit rotation are all controlled with a clever controllable mixing program through two VSDs. 

The 11kW Pond Mixer is supplied with the Variable Speed Drives, 25 metres of electrical cable, three-phase plug and the installed program that can be matched to suit your application.  

The first installation of the Pond mixer was into a 60m x 30m dairy effluent pond in the Waikato.  This farm was a high input farm feeding the 600 cows a varied range of supplements.  There was a crust on this pond that was about one metre deep.  Within six hours the pond was all liquid again and able to be pumped to pasture to maximise grass growth.

The latest installation was into a concrete plant that was having problems with a build-up of solids in their recycling tanks which required them to close part of the plant every three months to clean out this build up.  This came at a cost of $7000 for each shut period.  The pond mixer has eliminated the need for these shut-downs.

Numedic Ltd has been a NZ market leader in innovative, quality agricultural machinery for 40 years.  Their product is known for its quality, ease of use and reliability.  


For more information they can be contacted on
0800 686 334 or on their website www.numedic.co.nz

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