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Next-Generation of small geared Motors

High-Strength gears stretch the limits of the motor, while the new highly efficient motor is designed especially for this new K II Oriental Geared motor.

The permissible torque is twice that of conventional models, with an Increase in the strength of the gears raises the maximum permissible torque to twice the torque when compared with conventional K models.

The large bore bearing used for this model extends the gearhead's rated life to 10,000 hours, which is twice that of the conventional model. This reduces the maintenance and downtime for the factory. Noises from motor/gearhead contact have been reduced by 6 dB compared with the conventional standard motor.

The motor design uses optimal magnetic design and dedicated parts that have dramatically reduced losses, achieving high efficiency. Compared with the conventional model under the same conditions, this model needs less power, contributing to a labour-saving option for your machine.

Reduction in loss has reduced the heat generation in the new IP66 rated motor. Therefore, the K II Series’s single-phase 220/230 VAC 50 Hz type and the K II S Series does not require the cooling fan that is installed in the conventional models of 60 W or higher, resolving the problem in clean room environments.

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