NMW 2016 finishes on a strong note

This year's events were defined by the twin themes of innovation and collaboration: with several Seminar Theatre sessions focusing on opportunities for manufacturers to break down the barriers to innovation.

"The time for action is now," urged The Hon Karen Andrews MP, Asst Minister for Science, in a Keynote Address on NMW's final day, Friday May 13. "I know that SMEs have had some hesitation in the past around approaching the universities for partnership - due to barriers such as cost - but I invite businesses to come talk to the Department of Industry, or to me personally: because there are some real opportunities on the table, and we are keen to help business make connections that can support your growth."

The Assistant Minister's comments were reflected throughout the NMW Seminar Theatre program: including in a Day 2 panel discussion focusing on funding for business innovation. Several SMEs,, including Marathon Targets, HMS Equipment and more, joined AusIndustry to share examples of how government assistance can help connect growth-hungry businesses connect with potential partners, and new ideas for growth.

In a separate Day 2 session, Western Sydney University's Dr Sasha Alexander challenged visitors with the observation that "Everytime a stranger enters the business, innovation happens." Dr Alexander went on to explain how an outsider's view of your business - from industry partners, consultants and even competitors - can challenge your assumptions, opening your eyes to new markets and product development opportunities.

Throughout this year's events, NMW and Safety First exhibitors made contact with existing and new customers from across the spectrum of Australia's manufacturing industry.

Among them was Robert Hamilton, Md, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, who commented,
"I was surprised by the number of people already waiting for the doors to open before NMW started - and throughout the event we made a number of strong contacts. We have found people in a market segment that we hadn't thought of - and we've also made contact with people who are already using our product inside another product. It's been terrific."

NMW Exhibition Director, Robby Clark comments that NMW, as the only event that brings different sectors of industry together under one roof, has once again helped create real opportunities for participants.

"There is a great deal of strength in Australia's manufacturing sector. The feedback from exhibitors is that visitors are looking keenly at opportunities to transform and expand their capabilities: an observation that is supported by strong attendance at our NMW Seminar Theatre events, which gave businesses opportunities to collect new information and ideas for growth."

"There was a real buzz across NMW 2016 - which I am sure will translate into real opportunities in the weeks and months ahead," Clark said.

Reed Exhibitions has announced that NMW 2017 will take place in Melbourne from 9 - 12 May 2017, co-located with Austech and the Safety First Conference & Expo, as well as AUSCLEAN Pulire, the leading event for Australasia's cleaning industry

NMW 2017 is expected to draw strong visitor numbers, and many of industry's leading players have already booked exhibition space at the event. For more information about participating in NMW 2017, contact or visit

For further information contact:
Tracy Pendergast
0411 034 868 

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