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Optimise your operations with spray technology

Spray technology can be applied to many different applications in over 200 industries. As the world’s leading expert in spray technology, Spraying Systems Co. has managed to grow their product range to include over 90,000 spray products. With sales offices all around the world, including in New Zealand, and with over 12 manufacturing centres, Spraying Systems Co. has been able to supply their customers with spray technology solutions for 80 years. Their spray products and automated systems can be found in bakeries, food and beverage processing plants, abattoirs, paper mills, mine sites and pharmaceutical processing plants.

A popular and versatile product that can be used for several applications is the PulsaJet® spray nozzle. For applications that require coating with viscous liquids, scoring bread rolls, glazing pies and pastries and spraying antimicrobials onto meat and poultry products, the PulsaJet spray nozzle is the ideal choice. The spray nozzle is capable of achieving cycle speeds up to 15,000 per minute to keep up with fast line speeds. PulsaJet spray nozzles are often used in conjunction with Precision Spray Control (PSC) systems to achieve accurate and uniform coverage of the product or target. PSC is attained via turning the spray nozzles on and off very quickly to control flow rate resulting in flow that appears to be constant. Due to the precise application achieved through the use of PSC, operators can experience savings in coating and antimicrobial use, decreased product scrap rate and reduced misting and overspray.

Blow-off and drying applications can be optimised by using WindJet® air nozzles in place of open pipes and drilled pipe options. The drilled pipe options are noisy, dangerous and use excessive amounts of compressed air which ultimately leads to high operating costs. WindJet air nozzles dramatically reduce compressed air use which can lead to saving thousands of dollars per year. The nozzles can reduce perceived noise by up to 60%, depending on the initial air pressure, making them a safer option for onsite workers. WindJet air nozzles can be used to dry beverage bottles, blowing and moving materials off conveyor belts, cooling cans after welding and applications where a continuous air stream is required.    

For spraying coatings and additives, washing conveyors, dust control, VeeJet® spray nozzles are ideal. The spray nozzles can be mounted onto spray headers or manifolds and are available in high pressure and high impact versions. Multiple spray nozzles can be used in the same sequence and still result in even coverage due to the fan shaped, tapered spray edge pattern design of the VeeJet spray nozzle.

FloodJets® are a type of spray nozzle that can be used for fire protection as well as cooling conveyor belts, foam knockdown and rinsing applications. They produce a wide angle, deflected flat fan spray pattern making the nozzle ideal for operations requiring wide coverage. The orifice of the nozzle is protected from damage and its design leads to minimised clogging.  FloodJet spray angles range from 73° to 153°.

Spraying Systems Co. also supply tank cleaning spray nozzles and handheld spray guns. Their TankJet® tank cleaning products can be used for tanks as small as 1m in diameter and as large as 30m in diameter. The tank cleaners are designed to ensure a thorough clean whilst reducing the amount of water and chemicals used.                      

Their line of GunJet® spray guns are available in high, medium and low-pressure options and are suitable for general plant and equipment clean up. The spray guns provide an effective clean in a short amount of time as the operators are able to target hard to reach areas, such as corners and beneath conveyors, with ease. Their handles feature an ergonomic design that aids in the operator’s comfort and reduces fatigue. An additional benefit of using these manual, hand-held spray guns is the amount of control the operator has during cleaning and wash-down applications which reduces the chance of spreading contaminants onto nearby equipment.   

In addition to their vast selection of spray products, Spraying Systems Co. have a specialised team of AutoJet® project engineers who design and manufacture automated spray systems. Their systems are available in simple ‘on and off’ spray nozzle control varieties to more advanced systems that feature automatic adjustments and accurate monitoring of external conditions including changes in line speed. The AutoJet team can also customise an existing solution to suit your application’s specific needs.   

For more information, contact your local Spraying Systems Co. office in New Zealand on 0800 777 291 or via email at,

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