Optimum cycle times in drilling applications

The Self Feed Unit from combines a motor with a double acting, self-lubricating cylinder into a clean line package. The motor can be powered by air or electricity. With the control system and a variety of attachments, the unit can be used for drilling, tapping, screw driving and nut running in many automated operations. In drilling applications the air motor characteristics of Self Feed Units extend the service life of the drill bit and improve the quality of the hole. As the bit dulls, the motor slows, torque increases, extending cutting ability. This motor characteristic and the variable thrust of the air cylinder balance the torque and thrust. The result is an optimised cycle time for a given material and drill bit, limited only by the maximum capacity of the unit.

The high-efficiency air motor with changeable restrictors provides maximum power in a minimum size with minimal air consumption for a wide variety of applications. Hardened alloy steel components promise high operating life expectancy. Precision gears provide excellent power transmission without gear noise. The fact that each section of the tool is a self-contained unit results in fast, easy speed conversion and minimum downtime. Maintenance is simple and quick. Noise levels of 83dB(A) can be reduced by using an exhaust collector ring. The chrome plated feed tube and chemically treated steel components help extend life of the tool by reducing the possibility of rust in moist conditions. The self-lubricating double-acting cylinder with U Cup seals is responsible for low breakaway and smooth feed even under poor air supply conditions. Full thrust is supplied to the work since there is no spring to overcome.

Built-in feed control valves provide full adjustment for the advance and retract stroke with a smooth feed rate for a variety of applications. The anti-drop mechanism takes care that the unit will automatically retract or stay retracted in the event of an air supply failure. The unit is available with independent or combined air supply ports for air motor and cylinder. The independent supply ensures that full pressure is applied to the cylinder. A combined supply means the cylinder only sees the back pressure of the air motor. For general purposes the tool can be used with a single supply. The automatic return valve with isolation capability produces an automatic retract signal when the pre-set depth is reached. By inserting a plug, the signal can be used to inform external controls that the unit has reached full depth. The built-in soft start gives acceleration to full speed over first 6mm of stroke to protect gearboxes. The New Zealand distributor of’s Self Feed Units is Compressed Air Controls Ltd. The company also offers full service of Airmachines and Broomwade tools (Airmachines USA was originally manufactured as Broomwade in the UK and many machines are in service under the Broomwade brand). Compressed Air Controls also designs and packages integration options for manual or PLC controlled setups.

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