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Precise vibration analysis provides reliability
Precise vibration analysis provides reliability

To prevent scrap and protect machine components, tools and work-pieces during machining from costly damages means that the diagnostics and monitoring of vibration signals are gaining more and more importance. ifm efectors product range “VSE” with its extended functionality provides an effective combination of condition monitoring, machine protection and process monitoring. 

It is now possible to connect accelerometers with IEPE interface as well as the range of MEMS-based VSA vibration sensors to all four dynamic channels. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect common accelerometers, microphones or force sensors which are based on the IEPE standard. The newly, improved history function enables the user to record over 600,000 time-stamped values. This makes it possible to accurately record over a considerably longer period of time. 

A wide range of filters for real-time indicators are available for process monitoring. It is possible to select preset, e.g. high or low frequency bands. A combination of filters is also possible. Up to 32 counters supply characteristic values, performance and runtime information. The short reaction time of <1ms and variable alarm limits can be used to optimise production and machine protection. The gateway via OPC enables integration into higher systems and further transparency. The variety of combinations and flexibility which are possible with the new diagnostic electronic make it almost unique. 

ifm electronic is committed to working closely with its customers and develops products which precisely match their needs. The company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm electronic products.  

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